Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If you just believe.....

Tonight I watched my all time favorite Christmas movie - and I had not seen it since I was about 21 years old: "Miracle on 34th St.".

I had the kids watch it with me which truthfully, I was relatively torn about. My son is 9.5 and definitely still believes in Santa. Without a doubt. Plus, he's always asked if I believe and of course, I absolutely do. Santa is just a manifestation of the kindness and generosity of the human spirit. And I do believe in that, whole heartedly. Fortunately, he appreciated the movie for what it was, and still believes in the man in the red suit; he mentioned before going up to bed that he was going to "ask Santa" for something tomorrow. Tomorrow night, both kids are writing their letters and we'll be dropping them off in the mail.

I am hopeful that they day won't come where the kids don't "believe" in Santa Claus; I am thinking that while they may not believe that there is just one man in a red suit who flies through the air at night - there is "Santa" within us all, and that the magic of Christmas doesn't have to be just once a year...though it may feel more magical at this time, the truth is that the kindness of spirit is something that we should share all year round...and at all times, with all people.

Truth of the matter is, when Christmas Eve comes -- and we hear the "spotting" of his sleigh in the sky, we all look up and watch. And for just a tiny second, every single one of us thinks maybe, just maybe....and that is what Christmas is about.

Hope, faith, believe and love.

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Suldog said...

Great movie. And I think it helps toward continued belief, rather than a dissolution.

Heck, I still believe. Why wouldn't I? I still get a full stocking every Christmas. When that stops happening, MAYBE I'll consider NOT believing :-)