Thursday, December 09, 2010

Greeting cards have all been sent...the Christmas rush is through.

Well, not exactly....
But I did just finish up round 1 of the Christmas cards and they are ready to be mailed.

I love Christmas cards; I love to get them, of course.
But I really enjoy writing them.

Even if there are some people that are part of your life - but times have changed, and so you don't have any interaction with them but that one time a year - it's the one time that we actually take a moment to not only include maybe a photograph of where we're at in life, but usually a handwritten note as well.

(Handwritten...ah, but weren't those the good ol' days, weren't they?)

It's lovely; no abbrieviations of laughter (LOL) or talking to you later (TTYL)....just a personal touch of ink, proper and full grammar, and sentiment.

And I can't wait to bring them to the post office tomorrow!

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