Monday, November 01, 2010

Thoughts for Tuesday....

Conversation between my son and I at the WWE Event:

T: "You suck (wrestler's name), you suck!"

Me: "Ssh, stop - don't be rude. It's not appropriate..."

T: "Mom, I'm at a WWE Event, we're supposed to heckle the bad guy."

Me: "We're right in front of them, it's got to be tough to come out and have people be rude all the time..."

T: "See Mom, this is why you can't come to wrestling shows anymore. It's not real okay...You know that right? Not everything has to be "sunshine and hearts"... you're all about "sunshine and hearts and rainbows". This is wrestling, and he's a bad guy. It doesn't hurt his feelings, I'm supposed to tell him I don't like him....He can handle it - he's an actor."

A scene from Halloween:

And finally...all in a day's work:

Yesterday was G's birthday. The big "40".
What do you get someone who has everything????

Two tickets to the Patriots v. Colts, 25th row on the Patriots sideline, on the 30 yard line (thereabouts, I can't tell exactly which line it's on -but it's somewhere between the 50 yard and goal) and a stadium view room at Patriot's Place. The goal is for him to have a good time with one of his friends, and just relax.

I try to be really creative when I get gifts for him because he's just so difficult; he has everything so it's truly hard to surprise him - esp. since I can't really hide money from him - he's the "money guy". But I think he'll enjoy it.

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