Saturday, November 13, 2010

Food is the key to happiness...

So, I'm already on a quest to finalize my Christmas dinner menu.
I want to do Turducken - it was delicious a few years ago.
But I may do goose instead. And of course, ham - you know I'm all about the double main course.

I love my goose recipe. It's never greasy - and it's an Emeril Lagasse recipe which I've made twice now, so it's technically "tried and true". It's definitely not a simple recipe, but mostly because of the time that goes into making the glaze which is done the night prior. And it's so worth the work....

I typically make a soup each year, and the last time I made goose - I also made an artichoke soup which was fabulous; but I'm wondering if I shouldn't make something else. It's not that anyone would remember, or even care - it's just that I like to try new and challenging things. So, if anyone has a suggestion, don't hesitate to share - I'm all ears.

Ham. Goose. Soup du Jour. Stuffed peppers. Pasta (of some sort, always a last minute thought - maybe raviolis in a pumpkin creme sauce? Oh yes, the idea has been born!!), Salad, and so much to be announced when finalized, natch.

Did I mention that I definitely need a double oven in my new house, when the time comes?
Yes. Yes, I do.

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