Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday's Thoughts....

1. Turkey's on! So, being a guest on Thanksgiving doesn't afford you what's on my menu for tonight? You guessed it - Turkey. In the oven roasting as we speak. Funny thing is - I don't love turkey on Thanksgiving, as a matter of fact - I didn't even eat any yesterday. I was too full from all the past beforehand. But today, I'm all over it. And I've got the most delicious lemon herbed butter under the skin....this girl just can't wait to eat.

2. Did I mention how much fun the Patriot's game was? Oh My God. Loved it. We met Robert Kraft afterwards --who was incredibly nice...and we almost bought tickets to the upcoming Jets game - but there's NO availability at Patriots Place. And there's no way we'd drive home after an 8pm game.

3. Insanely busy weekend! Big birthday bash for G tomorrow night so I'm running all over the place tomorrow beforehand. Was supposed to be a surprise but a certain family member (brother in law) blew that, so...whatever. Tomorrow there's also a food show that I need to make an appearance at with the kiddies. Sunday is the metamorphosis of the store to holiday....then it's a girls shopping day for myself, Princess Petunia and my sister and niece. Which means that my own tree is going to have to wait until a week from tonight because this girl is going to be exhausted Sunday night.

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