Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good times...good times.

Today I took the kids to the Boston Super Mega Fest today in Framingham. I have to say - it was pretty fun! Nice and tame, in comparison to ComicCon (I've never attended, but heard all about today from some interesting types who are clearly "hard core" into this scene...) which is not. I had to break the news to my innocent 9 year old - much to his dismay, that the ComicCon show would be inappropriate for such tender years. But today's show, was fun for all.

I was very excited, but not in that "crazy comic book cult fan stalker way" (no offense to anyone reading) to meet one of my two favorite characters from "True Blood". Love, love, love the character Pam. Love her! And the actress, Kristin Bauer who portrays her is quite lovely in contrast - which makes me enjoy the character that much more...
Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious and filling lunch at Minado in of our very favorite places to go to on a Saturday afternoon.
Tomorrow... it's up early to do holiday ordering and then....the Patriots game! I'd not mentioned this sooner because I wasn't supposed to be going. I got G for his birthday two really unbelievable seats about 25 rows up from the field - for the Colt's game. Oh, and a stadium view room so he could stay and relax and enjoy his attendance at Patriots Place and all that it brings - without the pressures and struggles of traffic. This of course meant he could bring one of his friends, or his brother - whomever. Well, even though he was supposed to go with his brother - he twisted my arm -- and I'll be joining him instead. I've never been to a game so I'm pretty psyched. He & I were hoping to do this together for our 10th anniversary but never got around to it....and this wasn't meant to be a gift where I was a part of it -- so the coordination to pull it off is a bit crazy -- but I'm glad that we're going to be going together.
So while this weekend is incredibly busy - its going to be fun -- and it all has been rather unexpected. Sometimes, those are the best times -- the plans that were never really made at all, but just sort of happened....

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