Monday, January 22, 2007

You know what bothers me about the loss of the game yesterday?

The Colts didn’t win so much as we stopped playing.

Let’s face it – the New England Patriots team of 2006 is not comprised of the most solid players given our injured list. I’m not talking celebrities – the Pats have never been a team of big names – but losing some of our key components who kept the game physical, as well as losing reliable receivers put our team in an awkward and precarious situation to begin with. Peyton Manning isn’t “the man”. He didn’t make any spectacular plays or decisions on the field in the second half. We didn't pressure him. I’m not taking anything from him - he’s a great quarterback. But the Peyton Manning you saw in the first half - is how Peyton Manning performs when under pressure. He's spectacular if you give him all the time in the world. They won to a team that has a sensational quarterback, who doesn't crumble under pressure - but with only a mediocre receiving core.

Something happened during the first half that caused Belicheck and Co., to stop playing aggressively and applying pressure on Manning – and they went with a soft defense that was painfully ineffective – and noticeably so – after the first few minutes of the 3rd quarter. Why they stuck to that style throughout the game is beyond me. I don’t think complacency is the answer, either. Sure, we were battered and injured and sick – but I think we showed up to play. Or so it seemed during the first half. Which is why I think either there was an additional injury or something that caused them to hold back after the first half. And they’re not going to appear to be sore losers by blaming it on something as such – but truthfully, I haven’t read the papers or watched any television since to avoid seeing the “Manning Mania” which nauseates me on a regular day – let alone for the next two or three weeks or so. So I don't know what their comments are at the moment.

Let this be a lesson to the Krafts. Though I generally love their decisions, the next time their “go to guy” takes less money on his contract in an effort to allow for more money to be spent on keeping a solid and reliable receiving core – spend it on that, and not on other things. A quarterback can only do so much without having a solid defense – as well as reliable hands to catch the passes.

Okay. So now that football is behind’s time to start thinking about baseball!

Catchers report to training camp: February 17th!


Shayna said...


IT was just so frustrating to watch:( The officiating in our opinion, was not good...and definitely not called for in a few instances(against the Pats) and they seemed to be leaning more toward the Colts. ....With all the red flags that were thrown in by Dungy....had there been a few of those red flags thrown in by the Pats, there possibly might have been a different outcome. Highlight? Samuel's interception was a thing of beauty:)

chesneygirl said...

I KNEW you were going to post about this today...I KNEW IT!! :)
I watched most of the game and I was thinking about you thru the whole thing. :)

Not a fan of either team but not against either one either. Was hoping NO would've beat Da Bears in the first game. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Reche Caldwell needs to take some tranks or something before games like that. Did you see his eyes? I've never seen such a scared look on an athlete in my life - deer in the headlights.

Congrats to Indy. They won, fair and square, in an exciting game.

Lloyd L. Corricelli said...

The Deion Branch decision isn't what caused the loss. It had far more to do with the Pats' defense being beaten up by San Diego last week. Add in a nasty flu bug and the Colts cranking up the heat in the dome and by the second half, the Pats were wiped out.

This was the worst Pats team since 2002 and they overachieved. Look for them to reload in the off-season with their two first round picks and $30M in cap space.

Glitter/Aleka said...

The game was exactly how a football game should be played. Nail biting...

But I'm sad the patriots lost

Bougie Black Boy said...

longtime no see! Hope all is well for you over there. Keep warm~