Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Television Thoughts.....

So, the reason why I love the Golden Globes more than any other award show is because it's the one time you get the television and motion picture stars together under one roof, which is always so much fun to see. The separation between the two is quite interesting; television stars in the back, film stars in the front - and the HUGE film stars dead and center. I did come away with a few interesting observations though:

1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Reese Witherspoon's new hair style. I'm so thrilled she finally cut bangs. She's needed them and she looks adorable.

2. Everyone looked so....old. Did you notice that? Tom Hanks looked bloated; the usually tan Dustin Hoffman looked pasty; Warren Beatty who looked young at the table shots up on stage looked almost elderly. Even Marty Scorsese looked older than usual. Maybe it's just that my perspective has changed since I'm getting older myself.

3. I loved seeing a few of the actors/actresses being overwhelmed with emotion and not really knowing what to say. The jaded, experienced actors accepting their speeches never really affect me as much as seeing the unexpected surprises and happiness from the ones who are truly taken aback with their success.

4. The actor from "House" is British?!?! Who knew?!?!?! Jeesh, I don't really care for him on the show - but have him speak in his native tongue and I'd watch him all night!

5. None of the female celebrities looked amazing, which surprised me. Some of them really didn't look all that great at all which really surprised me. Some of the dresses were gorgeous; but overall I thought I've seen most of them look better. Easy for me to criticize - who the heck am I? But then again - with all that money, who wouldn't always be looking their best??

Last night was American Idol's debut of Season 6 - and it proved to be as good as always. Minneapolis seemed to be a little thin on true talent, which surprised me - unless they've held off showing the best. But what I'm really looking forward to seeing is tonight's show in Seattle. Oh my. There's something sadistic about watching people make fools of themselves - and then be in awe when they're so angry because they think that they're really good.

It's so sad, and yet so hysterical at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Hugh Laurie (House) is an amazing actor. I first saw him in a British show called "Jeeves & Wooster". He starred as a dimwitted upper-class twit named Bertie Wooster who was always being saved from disaster by his butler, Jeeves. Seeing him for the first time on "House" was a shock. He had gone from an idiot Englishman to an extremely intelligent and sarcastic American. As I see more and more of his work, I become more firmly convinced that he is one of the great actors of our time.

Peter N said...

Sul, I so agree that far and above anyone in dramatic TV,....he is the best. This season of HOUSE is riveting...thanks also to David Morse (Boomer from St. Elsewhere and of THE GREEN MILE) and the rest of the cast. A first-rate show! Hi Rebecca!

chesneygirl said...

I didn't watch the Globes. But I LOVE Reese...have not seen her new hairstyle. She's so cute that she could shave her head bald and she'd STILL be adorable! hahaha

I'm so pumped up for AI!!
I can never understand how the awful ones REALLY think they are good????

Lloyd L. Corricelli said...

I didn't see the GGs since I didn't have power but I did watch AI last night (in our hotel). It was hilarious. I was shocked at how stunning Jewel has become. I don't know if she had some work done but wow! I guess it proves I have a thing for blondes...ha, ha, ha.

As for accents, lots of actors drop them for roles. Half the cast on Battlestar Galactica (a show that should have gotten copious GG awards) have accents out of character.

Glitter/Aleka said...

I LOVED Reese's dress and hairstyle. I don't care what the critics say.

Big Ben said...

I like House, he is a great actor. I used to watch him the british program called Black Adder, he was pretty funny in it, he played a bumbling loser.

McSwain said...

I want to BE Reese Witherspoon. Love her, love her, lover her.

Warren Beatty IS elderly. He'll be 70 in a few months. Hoffman's only a few more months behind him. And I truly hope my parents don't read this. :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't watch the GG either, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE House!

Tish Grier said...

one of the *worst* was Roseanna Arquette...wow! talk about the "wicked witch" look! It's not that the dress itself was bad, it was more that it wasn't a good dress for her.

There comes a time in every middle aged woman's life that, no matter how much she *loved* being a goth chick, she's just got to admit that goth chick clothing is way too close to what she might wear to a funeral.

oh, and Hugh Laurie--have trouble taking him seriously since I know he used to be Rowan Atkinson's foil on Black Adder. If you get a chance, check out some of the WWI Black Adder episodes. They're a riot! (I wonder, though, does he *ever* totally shave?? or is he the last man on earth who owns one of those Miami Vice/Don Johnson razors guaranteed to leave stubble?)