Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Yeah baby, yeah!...."

I've always been a guy's kind of girl. I mean, I'm a "girly girl" - but I've always been "one of the guys". Growing up, I had more guy friends than girl friends. I was always the "pseudo girlfriend" if someone was trying to avoid a girl; and I also was the one to introduce someone to a girl, because I certainly had no issues approaching a fellow femme fatale and saying "my friend over there would really like to buy you a drink...."

When it comes to movies - while I like "chick flicks" - I'm usually drawn to the dark, psychological thriller. And I like my comedy smart. I like intelligent humor. I draw the line on the typical "dumb humor" that men find appealing. However, there is one movie that I just love and I think it's totally geared to the male psyche. I mean obviously girls like it - but it's clearly a male oriented writing. After the drama of this weekend, I was flipping through the channels on Sunday night and saw this movie that never fails to make me laugh: "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery".

I love, love, love this movie! I love the characters... the innuendos...the cheesy quotes....I love it all. And I forgot just how much I love this movie, until I saw it again. That Mike Meyers - quite the comedic genuis.

I saw this fun cloud over at Laurie's last week. I actually ordered a Tshirt! It's fun - they take key words from your blog and make them into a "cloud" - sort of a visual, but verbal synopsis of your blog. If you look close, some of you may see your names on there, since they sampled my blogroll.


Erin O'Brien said...

Hey. I drive a Mini Cooper.

Yeah, baby!

Don't know how much I like Chick Flicks, although some people have called my novel "Chick Lit." All I know about that is that I never say it fast, for fear of being misunderstood!

Rebecca said...

Hi Erin!
Thanks for stopping in! :)

JAX said...

that's really cool!!! Hi Rebecca. I went to Sephora yesterday and thought of you!!!

Rebecca said...

Hey Jax -
How are ya sistah! Hope you're doing well.. I'll be surfin' on over to you shortly!

Mellissa said...

That is just the most amazing shirt concept!!

Take a pic of you in it when it arrives ;-)

Thanks for stopping by today Shoe Soul Sister.


Kristi said...

I've still never been to Sephora. Don't even know if there is one here. (That gives me something to go research)

Very cool. Good find, Rebecca!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Oooh! I see my name! Yay!!!

Bougie Black Boy said...

I'm gonna have to check out this "cloud"... seems like a good idea. I like.

JAX said...

Benefit Lemon Aid... love it, use it everyday, Philosophy Shower Gel... delicious! Lip Venom....I think I'm hooked. Just had to respond. I could talk Sephora for hours with you girlfriend.

Kodijack said...

I did mine twice just to see it change, and it didn't much, and your name on the lower right side, very cool.

Laurie said...

You really bought a shirt?

You're too cute :-)

chesneygirl said...

That shirt rocks!!

I love Sephora too! Although there isn't a store very close to me. So I've only been in one two or three times. I know they have a website but I can't buy stuff like that online...I have to get my hands in it and really sample it first! :)

naive-no-more said...

I knew there was a reason you made me "randy" baby! :)

Besides a couple of my closest girlfriends, I would rather hang out with the guys.

Tish Grier said...

Hi Rebecca!

Boy, I know what you mean about being around the guys! I love it, but I have to admit that sometimes it's a bit much. Lately, I've been spending so much time with the other blog, and doing the media hub stuff, and living in medialand, where there are so very few women, that I've got way far away from my first blog and all the folks I've met thru that blog (incl. you).

got to find the balanace between the girly me and the tomboy me...not going to be easy, that's for sure :-)