Monday, February 27, 2006

This was brought to you today by the letter "R", and the number "5"...

Mr. Fabulous was kind enough to tag me! I did something similar to this recently when I did the "Fantastic Fours" ...

5 Things Game

What were you doing 10 years ago?
1996, I was single and enjoying life. Struggling financially...that was a difficult year for me on that end. Just ended a 6.5 year relationship with the wrong guy, trying to get back on my feet and restabilized. 1996 was a very rough year, but it was a great year as well. I felt good about me in general and that helped make life fun despite the adversity.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Same as I'm doing now! Happily Mom & Wife... juggling career, business and family relatively well. :)

Five snacks I enjoy:
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Cool Ranch Doritos
Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Dip
Potato Chips

Five songs to which I know all the lyrics: (Ha, only 5????)
Fighter - Christina Aguilera
I'm just a Girl - No Doubt
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Hopelessly Devoted to You - Olivia Newton John
CableCar - The Fray

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
Stay working but not really care whether I lose my job or not, ever.... ;)
Buy the building that the store is in....
(If it's only 1 million - that would be about it....if it's more then):
Share money with the families (mine and his = ours!)
Move to our "forever" home
Put alot of money in the business account so we can run it however we want!

Five bad habits:
I try to fix everyone's problems - not everyone wants to be solved!!!
I am a control freak
I grind my teeth at night
I am sooo bad at doing laundry
I've started to hold grudges lately. That's not very nice.... Need to break that habit.

Five things I like doing:
Spending time w. my family :)
Hanging out doing anything with my friends
I love cleaning my house. (sick, I know...)
Love going to the CD store and "discovering" some eclectic artist
Love to entertain and throw parties

Five things I would never buy, wear, or get new again:
MAC Lipstick... ugh

And honestly - that's about it. I'm so damn particular about what I buy for myself - not that I'm fussy, but I don't spend money on myself that often (though it probably sounds like I do!!!) but I really don't - so I'm very selective when I finally make a purchase, I usually make sure I love it.

Five favorite toys:
I don't have any, actually.....
How sad is that??

I won't reach out and touch anyone for responses on this particular one, but feel free to snag it and post your own!


clipper829 said...

I've never tried MAC lipstick - is it bad/expensive?

Rebecca said...

Ugh, it's thick, and very very drying. And the Lip Glass is like schelaque. Just not my cup of tea...

Kristi said...

I've never heard of that lipstick either. Hmm, maybe that's why...

Somehow I just knew that No Doubt song would one of your favs!

bigwhitehat said...

Stairway? Yuck. I wouldn't have admitted to that. You can't take that back. It is like when my coworkers heard me singing all the words to Oh Mickey.

bigwhitehat said...


BTW your gravatar looks fantastic. I can instantly differentiate you from the other Rebeccas. And you pretty up my comments now.

Rebecca said...

*blush* - Thanks BWH! ;) I haven't had much time to surf today, so I need to get over there!

Kristi: MAC is one of those "In Style" magazine type of cosmetic. Since I'm not a big make up girl, I'd never been... but about a year ago, maybe two - I saw all these girls wearing this very cool looking lipstick by them, so I went into their store at the mall. Never, again. Too pricey - too cakey, too makeupy. I'm just not that kinda girl! :)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I am trying to get better about holding grudges too. Oh, you're talking about it in the other direction...

jesse gop jones said...

You know what...youre RIGHT! Ted Nugent is a wonderful fella, a great man. He shoots animals because he loves them..but hates the liberals and the non killing anti God kinda folks who hate America and who hate Jesus. These lefty idiots think animals can feel pain like a man. They are living in koo koo land and are Koo Koo themselves..KOO KOO KOO KOO!!
I just wish this ....Just like Ted once said at an NRA rally...."I wish it were legal to blow away liberal hippies! Not because I hate their politics or beliefs but because they smell bad"

Hey btw..I'm good buddies with Big Whate Hat man..who well you know...LOL ...LOL....

Have you seen his biz??

Bi White Hat Biz

God Bless!!

Rebecca said...

Well Jesse -
Thanks for coming by...

I think....?

chesneygirl said...

Fun list Rebecca!!

Your answers to first 3 subjects are very similar to what my answers would be! :)

I might do this list myself in the near future.

naive-no-more said...

You can't resist playing can you? You're so much fun. Great list.

Kodijack said...

What about your five favorite cleaning products? Five favorite movies?

And how full does that closet get before you break down and do laundry? Is everyone in shorts and Christmas sweaters before you rev up the washer? ;)