Saturday, February 25, 2006

Look at me - I'm Sandra Dee.....

Last night, we got together at one of the girl's house for our monthly soiree. It was relatively low key this time, only 5 of us - but that's okay - we had a great night. Chinese food, munchies, cookies, good friends - what more could a girl want, right?

Well, I don't even know how this came up - but somehow, the topic of having your eyebrows waxed became the conversation. And I remember saying I've never had it done. Ever. I mean - I know I have a decent shape eyebrow, only because I've been told that - but I've never tweezed them, or had them waxxed. I know - I'm probably the only girl in America who hasn't. But you know - I don't like to be a slave to anything...other than my nails. I just don't want to get hung up on having to feel off because my brows aren't perfect. Ugh, too much work.

Well, one of my girlfriends who's a hairstylist said - "C'mon, let me do your brows..." She looked at them and said that they were already shaped nicely - it was just cleaning a few strays up.
So, I said "sure".

Okay - it's not overly painful to have them tweezed, but - it's not fun!!! I mean, one or two little hairs were fine, but three at a time, that more of an "ouch". We were laughing so hard while she was doing it because I kept flinching before she even touched me. It was pretty funny. It took her probably almost 20 minutes because we just kept bursting out laughing. I felt like Olivia Newton John in the movie Grease when Frenchie pierces her ears!

Anyway. Wish I had my digital camera with me, because it really makes a huge difference!!! I love it.
And now, I'm a slave to it. hahaha.
Although I can tweeze it myself - no need to get a wax or anything like that. Whew.

And for the record - I still didn't make it to Bakers, Ann Taylor or Sephora. I'm definitely going one day next week because no one is going to be in the office, so I'm making it a point to take a day off. I'll get there though..... ;)


chesneygirl said...

I've never had my brows waxed or even plucked either. Ever.
Like you I'm afraid once I start doing it I'll have to get it done all the time and feel "off" as you put it, if it's not done!

Cuz ya know I'm already a slave to my nails, pedicures and hair color! be a girl.

McSwain said...

The brows can make a big difference--they really open up your face if done right. I haven't had mine done propery for years--maybe I should make an appt!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I have been told my eyebrows need a little work by my assistant. And last week I interviewed someone forf a job who had a background as a cosmetolgist. I asked her, and she agreed they could use a little waxing. But do guys get that done?

Rebecca said...

Chesney Girl: Yes, I can totally relate, clearly. :) But this tweezing thing - I can handle that!!!

Cheryl: YES, you have to pamper yourself sometimes!!!! Go schedule an appointment.

Mr. Fabulous: Hmmmm. What type of industry to you work in??? That will determine my answer as to whether you should get it done or not. ;) Wiseguy. :)

Kristi said...

I've been a tweezer for years, but never had ANYTHING on my body waxed and never will. I am very low maintenance.

Good news, Rebecca! I finally made it the Castle Rock outlet stores today because many stores locally, I just couldn't find the boots I was looking for. I got them today! I'm so excited! I got the tall, black leather boots at Nine West that I've always wanted and got an excellent sale price on those as well as a super reduced price on another shorter pair of roasted chestnut boots. Now I just need to get out and wear them!

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

YES on Wednesday!!!

I can't help it, I'm a slave to eyebrow waxing. I looked at some old pictures of before I moved and I said to myself THANK GOD I wax.

My new job is in Malden! 5 minutes from home a dream come true. I'll fill you in!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I work in blood banking in the corporate office. I have an image to maintain!

By the way, you have been tagged :)

naive-no-more said...

Ouch! The very first time I got my eyebrows done, I was 16. They did one side and I got the heck out of that chair. I was like, screw this, I'm outta here.

I left with one side nicely shaped and a caterpillar over my other eye.

I do it all the time now. Afterward, it looks like I have pink eyeshadow on. Totally 80's!

Big Ben said...

You didn't talk about the pillow fights?

Mellissa said...

I got lucky on the shape thing too, but I do take care of a few out of placers. I can't imagine waxing my eyebrows all the time.

Besides, that would take money away from boots!


Kodijack said...

Real men do not wax but they do pluck. Unibrows are not cool.

bigwhitehat said...


Oh. Those Summer Nights.