Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's all about the "4"'s....

I've been tagged by Naive No More!

But before I submit my answers, here's a little numerology information about our dear number "4":
In number symbolism, the logic of the number four follows from that of the previous three. One represents the male principle, the "yang". It is raw energy, positive, original and creative. In the creative process it is the original spark of an idea. Two is the feminine principle, the "yin". It is the gestational period in which things begin to form, the earth into which the seed of one’s idea is planted. In the creative process there is almost always a similar period when an original impulse "cooks" for a time, even if only in sleep or distraction. Three is the synthesis of one and two. It is ideation and self-expression, the creation itself, the finished idea. Four is the material manifestation of three, the actual physical realisation, order and systematisation of the idea. It is the making real of the dream represented by three.

Four Jobs that I have had: Public Relations Manager, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Web Application Project Manager

Four Movies I could watch over and over: The Cutting Edge, The Godfather, A Few Good Men, Practical Magic

Four places in the U.S. I like: Maine, Dallas TX, Venice Beach CA, New York City

Favorite places I have vacationed: Key West FL, Aruba, Grand Bahama Island, Grand Caymen

Four t.v. shows: Smallville, The Sopranos, American Idol, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Four favorite dishes: (this is a toughie, I like so many!!!) Nothin' beats a great steak, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chili, Pot Roast

Four places I would rather be: At this moment? Getting a massage; Home w. the kids; Rodeo Drive; Key West

Four sites I visit daily: Carlson Real Estate, My store email, New England Film, Production Hub

Four people I will tag: Ben, Mr. Fabulous, Chesney Girl & Mellissa


naive-no-more said...

"You wanted a go-to guy? You shoulda started with a go-to girl!!!!"

I love, love, love, love, love that movie! I should have put it on my list. I was just considering watching that Sunday night, but guess what we settled on...A Few Good Men!!!! How weird is that!?!?!

Very interesting about the number four. Thanks for playing along!

Big Pissy said...

Fun answers!

My daughters love The Cutting Edge and can recite all the dialog :)

I love American Idol! It's on tonight~yea!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Your answers are cooler than mine. But the, I never said I was cool, just fabulous!

Laura said...

nice-- Am I never tagged because I babble about politics all the time? I'll just keep telling myself that... ;)

naive-no-more said...

Hey R~ Guess what I watched last night? Cutting Edge. Wish you could have been here.

Mellissa said...

oooh, I got tagged - right on the butt..

o.k. I am going to write ;-)


chesneygirl said...

Wow...ME? Cool, I haven't been tagged for anything in FOR-EVER!
Give a day or so.

I can watch A Few Good Men over and over too!

Kristi said...

Ah, Cutting Edge...now that brings back memories (toe pick, wasn't it?). And Practical Magic, I own that one. May have to pull it out and watch it again.

Rebecca said...

Kristi: Yup! "Toe Pick!". ;) I love Practical Magic... I used one of my favorite quotes from the end of the movie in one of my posts before Halloween.

Naive - You watched TWO of my faves in what, a 72 hour span! I'm openly envious. ;)

Mellissa & Chesney - I'm on my way over to check it out.

Mr Fabulous: You ARE fabulous. ;)

Big Pissy: Last night's episode is NOT representational of my beautiful home town!!!! ;)

Laura: I'm sorry!!! I promise I'll tag ya next time! :) I don't do it often - and I just sort of close my eyes and whomever I mouse over - is who I pick. ;)