Monday, November 14, 2005

"Monday, good to me"

It's an absolutely beautiful day here today. It's almost 70 degrees, and I'm thinking it's waaaaay too nice to be at work today! But....I'm here.

The weekend was relaxing, and yet - I still didn't manage to accomplish the reorganizing of my closet! But that's okay - it will get done; I started it - just haven't finished. I managed to watch "Saving Private Ryan" one and a half times this weekend. Half way on Friday -- fully on Saturday. I love that movie. I had an uncle that was there in France; we were never, ever, ever allowed to ask him about his military experience. It was a taboo topic. He passed away prior to that movie coming out, but after seeing it - I got a small taste as to why he was not at all open to talking about his history.

And while I've got some ideas on things I want to post throughout the week, I don't really have much to say for today, other than I'm very happy the holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving is a week away! This is my favorite time of the year - and I'm so very thankful that my core little family of 4 is happy, healthy and together. No matter the size of family is- whether it's 2, or 25 - so long as you're happy and healthy, it's all good.

Have a wonderful day.........


Julia said...

Oh my, I had so much to say until PANIC set in when you reminded me Thanksgiving is a week away... and it's at my home!!! 12 people WHAT HAVE I DONE????
got a good stuffing recipe?

OK WHEW... I would love to send you some ta-tas stuff. Let me know what you like. I had a few things left over. You know my email. Julia

ramblin' girl said...

absolutely... it is all good. (and don't feel too bad about the closet... I cleaned mine out weeks ago... just haven't put anything back yet.)

McSwain said...

Wow, I wish I had time to think about reorganizing the closet! I have enough trouble just getting the laundry done... Glad it was a beautiful day for you.

Kodijack said...

Third visit of the day, do I get stalking status? Couldn't comment the first two times.

Hey, do you want to visit Colorado? I have a couple of closets that I would be willing to foot airfare and hotel costs for you to organize.

steelcowboy said...

Family, aye... best of the best.

JAX said...

I don't like that now that I alphabatized my links you are at the bottom and I only get to you if I can breeze past a-q!

Anyway, nice to hear you had such a nice day! Stay healthy and talk to you soon!

bigwhitehat said...

Do the Pats play a thanksgiving game?

Hey the guys that were in Europe in WW2 don't like to remember it. Especially the winter. I don't push it with them.