Friday, November 04, 2005

Card Carrying Member of the "I hate Brenda" club..

As we were flipping through the channels last night, I got to see the reunion show for one of my all time favorites: Beverly Hills 90210. (Try to suppress your laughter!) I've already seen this reunion, and as poorly done as it was - I had to watch it again. Because I just loved the series while it was on....and yes - I was crushed when it was over. I literally hung onto every second of the series finale because I couldn't believe it was actually going to be over.

While I was 5 years older then this group, (although I think most of the actors might have actually been older than me!) they were a definite reflection of things that were going on and that people in my generation were facing - even us normal type people -outside of the 90210 zipcode. Overdramatic - sure. Sugarcoated and glossy- absolutely. But it still addressed real topics and kept it dramatic and interesting without being too dramatic for the younger viewing audiences that it had attracted.

I had my crushes. First it was Steve....then it was bad boy Dylan...and then, as I matured - I liked "nice guy" Brandon. I had the girls I loved - and the ones I loved to hate. YES, I hated Brenda. But, at the same time.... when I knew she was going to get her heart stomped on by her best friend and her boyfriend, I couldn't help but cheer her on when she confronted them and wrote them off. How could I not relate to her having her heart broken? I ripped up my "I hate Brenda" membership card and cheered her on. I did end up disliking her again...but I knew her presence was shortlived, and so I moved on as well.

Donna was a doll - and I loved that she ended up marrying David. And Kelly and Dylan after all that time, did belong together. I love a happy ending, and 90210 gave that to me.

I wasn't a GENX'er....But I was the 90210 generation. And I still try to catch every rerun that I can. :)


naive-no-more said...

Did you know that Shannon Daugherty (sp?) used to demand that she have Evian to wash her hair with while on the set of 90210?

One more reason to hate Brenda and something only a member of the I Hate Brenda club would know.

clew said...

I would make fun of you, but I'm afraid you'd find out that I love Little House on the Prairie and the Waltons.

So I won't.

steelcowboy said...

*waves* Hello!

ramblin' girl said...

I didn't even know they'd done a 90210 reunion?! guess I can't be a memebr of the club...

bigwhitehat said...

I never watched that show. Not even once.

Rebecca I have to inform you that you are a gen-Xer. Generation ten spans from 1965 to 1983. So technically we are both from the 90210 generation.

Rebecca said...

BWH - I thought we were the same age anyway... I thought GenX'ers were the ones who were born like, 82 and up? You know, the ones who have no clue who Larry Bird is...or Bobby Orr. Or never owned an album before. ;)

Hey Steel Cowboy! How are ya? ;)

Naive - yes, I knew that. Ugh. I just never liked anything about her. Except that towards the end, she had GREAT hair... ;)

Jerry said...

wow....Rebecca...I'm's Sunday night and the Simpson's Tree House of Horror show was almost the same show as the 90210 reunion show....isn't that funny?

McSwain said...

I never did watch 90210. Max on the other hand, was addicted. He and his roomie always had it on at their bachelor pad. For Clew, I watch Little House. And cry.

chesneygirl said...

I miss that darn show all the time!!! I was the exact same age as the characters, even graduated from high school the very same time.
Donna and David were the BEST!! :)

I taped the last three episodes in order on one tape....I know it's sad, but true.

Rebecca said...

Hey Chesney Girl - thanks for stopping by!

Cheryl - somehow, it doesn't surprise me that Max was addicted to that show. ;) I watched Little House when I was a girl -as well as the Waltons. I LOVED Ben. (You know, me and my redhead fetish!). And who didn't read those books growing up?!? To this day, I've always wanted to try making my own maple syrup candy like they did.

bilingualblahgirl said...

Rebecca - I found your blog through Cissa Fireheart's.

I watched the first couple of seasons of BH 90210 but I thinked I stopped when they all went to college or something. I loved the show in the beginning, but then I just lost interest, I think. (That's rare for me, I am a very loyal viewer normally.) Maybe I just grew out of it. I liked the spin-off Melrose Place much better.

I don't think I've heard of the reunion. Probably hasn't been shown on German TV yet.

As to my favourite characters, I think I liked both Brandon and Brenda in the beginning. I liked Kelly and Dylan and Andrea, too, but not Donna and David or Steve. (I hate Tori Spelling.) Later, I started hating Brenda.

That's all I can remember now.