Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Imperfection is fun!

My children watch Noggin, and there are a variety of musical songs that play throughout their programming. I hear them and they often stick with me. For days at a time. They're really quite good actually -and they're positive and self esteem type building songs - which I love. One of the songs is called "I'm not Perfect".

"I'm not I'm not. I'm not perfect, but I've got what I've got. I do my very best, I do my very best, I do my very best each day...but I'm not perfect. And I know you love me that way..."

As I was laying in bed last night, hearing the song in my inspired me to list some of my own quirks. We all have them - those idiosyncrasies that make us each who we are. So, sit back and enjoy as I list some of my hangups and habits that can only be described quirky, bizzare, anal - and sometimes just downright annoying.

No - I don't have OCD, or anything like that. hahhaa. I just am particular about things.
And there are far more than I've listed here...but this is enough for today.
Hey - if you can't laugh at yourself - who can you laugh at?

1. I chew ice cubes for fun. They're delicious. (As you're cringing, I have to tell you - I have no cavities, so this isn't an issue for me!)
2. I eat my food on my plate in order. I usually start with the starch, move to the vegetables and then finish with the beef/chicken/fish. I don't mush it all together, and I can't take "a little of this and a little of that" on my fork at once. I try, but I like to really enjoy each thing I'm eating individually.
3. I'm nuts about windexing my kitchen table. Truly.
4. You must drink wine out of a wine glass at my house. No mugs allowed!!!! Mugs are for coffee and hot cocoa. (MOM!)
5. My radio stations are programmed by genre. I can't have my music all mish mashed. That's just wrong!
6. Speaking of which, my cd's are organized by genre, and then alphabetically. Oh - and of course, by genre alphabetically overall.
7. I can't wear a shirt tucked in. Ever. That's like nails across a chalkboard for me.
8. I can not sleep barefoot. My feet get cold and I wake up. I always sleep with socks.
9. I hate being barefoot in general. I need to have a shoe or something on my foot. I never understood how people can walk barefoot on hot pavement.
10. I whistle. Alot. I don't even when I do it. I'll get a song stuck in my head - and I'll be whistling it all day long. It's weird because it gives the impression of being very happy. People will always say something witty like "wow, you're really happy huh?", or "Whistle while you work...". Not that I'm not very happy because I am. But, I just don't think about being happy while I do it -nor is it why I'm whistling. I'm whistling because I've been cursed with a song that's been stuck in my head, like "I'm not Perfect".

See how it all comes full circle? :)
Think about your little idiosyncrasies today, and have a good laugh - on you!


ramblin' girl said...

great list... I'd go around bare-footed all the time if I could get away with it... I hate things on my feet!

Shayna said...

I only do #4, because of the response I know I'll get and if those who write comments to you, knew how you reacted, they'd do it too. It's that Your Mom may not know about wines in general, but she certainly knows the proper glass to drink wine there! :)
Goodness, I love reading your blog every

clew said...

My favorite idiosynchrasy (or as my best friend naive-no-more calls it, "idiot-synchrasy" ;D) is when I eat something like M&Ms or Skittles, I have to separate all the colors. Then I have to even them out so I have the same number of each color. Eat the odd men out first. Then eat the rest in a fashion that assures the numbers always stay even.

Don't ask me, I don't know why. But this is very important to the balance of my universe.

clew said...

p.s. Never done wine in a mug, but I do drink water, juice, or whatever non-mug beverages out of a mug if that's the first thing I grab. It drives my husband crazy. Hee hee!

Kodijack said...

Some of these things do not surprise me, at all. The socks thing did for sure. But then you live in a very cold and humid climate, forgiven (I have that power ;) ).

Time for Rebecca to get an Ipod, imagine the organizing possibilities, you could teach a class!

McSwain said...

Fun list, Rebecca!

#1- Me too. Until one of my molars cracked clean in half and one side broke off about six months ago. $1800 in oral surgery and a crown later, I don't chew ice anymore.

#2,3,4,5,6,7- Me too. (Except my table requires Endust)

#8,9, 10. Nope. The foot stuff is a little strange, and I can't whistle.

I have Clew's idiotcyncracy, too

We're just a quirky bunch out here, aren't we?

bigwhitehat said...

Y'all, it is idiosyncrasy.

clew said...

Geez, BWH, you're as bad as my Mom with the spelling patrol! LOL! ;)

HEY it's a hard word! :D

Rebecca said...

Kodi - OMG, I couldn't imagine having an ipod; I'm a hardcore CD kind of girl. I even still have albums! I'm just not cool like that.... but if I did, believe me they'd be organized!

Cheryl - WOW. You and I are an awful lot alike! :) Not a bad thing, "sistah"... :)

Clew: That's a great one! Love the MnM Hangup!

BWH: Tis not fair to spellcheck if you don't donate your own idiosyncrasy. ;)
Shayna...Mom. ;) Yes, you do know that drives me crazy. :)