Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Whew - it's been a while!

I've been MIA so to speak - it's been a busy time of year!!

Most of it has happened in the realm of the kiddies. Here are some of the highlights:

Princess Petunia had a Flag Day ceremony at her school that was so nicely done and incredibly touching.  The whole second grade put on a concert for the school and families which included local veterans from as far back as WWII to as recent as the current conflict.  They all spoke and gave their feelings on patriotism and the flag.  The children sang, some spoke - and this girl was moved to tears by this poem, read by one of the veterans.  I have always been patriotic, and working for the military for so many years I'm sure heightened that to a certain extent; but 9/11 affected me in a very profound way, and I tend to get emotional and choked up when I hear certain songs or poems regarding our country.  I was fortunate to have worked side by side with many men and women who choose to serve and protect our country.  And while I don't miss my job, I do miss the environment and the good people I met along the way.

We've had art night and ice cream social night; Field Day and Field Trip day -- and of course, Class Trip. 

My son graduated 5th grade today!  Both kiddies have their last day of school tomorrow, but he had an actual graduation ceremony today.  When I was little - I had no graudation outside of high school.  And it was a beautiful ceremony, complete with each child speaking their favorite memory of the school. I asked him tonight if he was sad that he was going to be leaving the school and moving onto Middle School and he said he was a little -- he liked the school.  I can see why; while I'm happy that my daughter will get the full experience of it, I wish he could've been there for a longer time.  But it's okay, I'm glad he experienced what he did.  I just sort of wish that we moved here sooner than we did; this school system is head and shoulders above where we were before. All that mother's angst for not....

I am sick with a stupid freaking cold.  Ugh, who gets colds this time of year?  Oh, a word to the wise - don't take Mucinex DM.  It made me dizzy, nauseous and just gross. It made me actually feel worse than I already did!  So, me with the typical Demi Moore raspiness of barely having a voice and a cough -- fun fun.

And hopefully, tomorrow we'll get the hot weather we're hoping for, and we will all enjoy being out in the yard.  Because this girl - is taking a half day off!  And it's not to lay in bed like Monday....my cold damn well better be half way gone by tomorrow at noon.  Or else....

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Chatelaine said...

Hope you are feeling better and had a fun weekend. I agree, patriotic songs always choke me up.
My dad is a WWII vet and I've heard a lot of stories about the war. Makes me respect him even more.