Friday, June 08, 2012

Duck, duck, duck....GOOSE!

Today was Princess Petunia's acting debut.
She was the lead in her class play of Charlotte's Web. 
Literally the lead -- first name in the credits even!
(And to those of you in the creative world, you know how important credit placement is...just sayin'.)

She was so prepared....she knew her lines, the other kids lines -- she even would prompt the other kids when they didn't know who was next on cue.  She LOVES this stuff! 

I was so very proud of her.

(Maybe, she got this bit of the acting bug from her mother??
I'm always wondering what the heck she did get from me, because it certainly isn't her looks --she is all her Dad --  or her spunk!)

She was sooooooo good.
So good!!!

Definitely up there as one of my top Mom moments, for sure!

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