Friday, June 01, 2012

Everybody's workin' for the weekend....and other random thoughts.

Ah yes, how I love my Fridays.
A glass of wine in hand...dinner cooking...classical music playing...and all this insane pollen making me oh-so tired. 
It's all good.

I'm feeling a little less blonde than I'd prefer these days.  I'm so not digging the new ombre hair style - it's like, when your roots are growing out so the dark is heavy and the light is at the ends.  It's so not a good look.  I'm sort of the reverse; lighter on top, darker underneath.  While cool, I still would prefer to be brighter.

On the upside, my hair is definitely long again.  It's like all of a grew!  By my one year anniversary of cutting it short, it should be pretty much where it was when I cut it.  Unbelievable, right?  That's what I'm thinking....

I really and truly can't be growing old.  I just can't be.  Today at Starbucks, I ran into a married couple who are friends of mine from high school; for the 5 minutes we spent catching up, it was like we were right back in school.  I mean, I see them from time to time anyway - but today for some reason, it was like we were kids again.  And even though we were talking about our kids, and how it's fun being a parent and challenging at the same time -- it still felt like we were the kids.  It made me feel very nostalgic for when I was young, and truly didn't realize just how much life I had ahead of me.   It's funny how when you're "in the moment" of life, you really just don't know all that you think you do.  Anyway, it was a good visit....It was good to see them, and I look forward to the next time I run into them again.

I can tell you what I am not looking forward to -- all this flipping rain we're supposed to get.  What is up with cold and rainy?  Ugh, so not what I was hoping for.  But you know, with the ying is the yang - and the upside to all this lousy weather is that tomorrow I can look forward to just hanging in and catching up on laundry. (I know, crazy to be happy about catching up on laundry, but truly - there will be nothing to distract me from it which is a good thing!)  Pajamas, a good cup of coffee and warm, cozy smells of laundry.  Little people running about and hopefully a day of relaxation.  Best of all, all of this horrible pollen will hopefully be washed away!! 

And then maybe....this girl will be able to wear mascara once again.....

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Suldog said...

Yup. Rain. And cold. Making up somewhat for the mild winter, I guess.