Tuesday, May 08, 2012

You know I can't smile without you....

It's funny how you never know when your last memory of something, is really going to be your last one of that particular person, place or thing.

Today is the 2d anniversary of my Mother passing.

And the only thing I can really hear in my head is Barry Manilow's song - "I can't smile without you".  That was her favorite song of his.

And of course, that melody brings me back to when she, my aunt and my sister and I saw him at the Boston Garden....and then went for a late night pizza in the North End.

My mother didn't go many places or venture out with me much -- it would have to be a big thing, like a Barry Manilow concert to get her out the door it seemed; and we are all "Fanilows" in my Family.  (Would that make us Familows?  Just sayin'...)

The good news is, that I still smile without her...it's just different now.  That's all....

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Chatelaine said...

That's a sweet memory! I'm glad you are remembering the happy times.