Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fly the friendly skies....

Today I was at the airport picking my father who we flew in as a surprise for my son's birthday.
(The look on his face when my father walked in the yard --- priceless.  It's a memory that I will hold forever.  I wish I had a camera; I should've thought to videotape it.)

I love being at the airport.  I miss working there truthfully.  But I didn't work in a terminal, I was in a seperate building - but I loved the atmosphere just the same.

Walking through you see so many stories unfolding.....
People tearfully saying goodbye; people tearfully saying their hellos.  Excitement of going on vacation, and the weary faces arriving back home from vacations. 

I love the sights and smells of the terminals; watching the planes make their descent onto the tarmac and equally as fun watching them take off.  It's the magic of flying that takes us from destination to destination in a blink of an eye - and it's the ability to travel the world within hours that's allows us to create the memories and stories that the terminals hold .

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Suldog said...

My Dad worked for the airlines for many years (Eastern, then Aeronaves De Mexico, then a few others) and we all had travel privileges because of that. I used to love flying, and the particular smells of airports and planes. Now I detest the experience. Between the TSA stations and the way folks have come to equate it as a form of flying bus, it is no longer the glamorous thing it was when I was growing up. I do share your enthusiasm for people watching, though. Airports are one of the best places in the world for that!