Tuesday, May 01, 2012

But of course....

Today we opened the pool and.... it's going to be cold.
But of course!

Today I got back to my mat and it felt soooo good.  I don't dare jinx myself and say I'm back to practicing regularly because we all know how that goes.  I try to stay on focus but something always tears me away.  But it felt so good, I've got to keep making it a point to go.

I ended up having a day at home today which wasn't entirely as I'd planned, but it all turned out okay.  I cleaned the pool house, washed the floors (it has beautiful dark hardwood floors, they look so much better now!), rearranged the fridge that we put in there today and it looks almost ready to go.  It needs some decor and we need some things to put in there (e.g. dishes, storage bins, etc.) but clearly, given the weather forecast we still have a little time.  Which is a good thing....

We got a new fridge for the kitchen today, which is how the pool house got one.  I'm not going to lie, it's pretty flipping nice.  Now if we can just keep it clean.... hmm, is it possible for a family of 4 plus 1 manage to do that?  Only time will tell...

Our first soiree is on Mother's Day. 
And I'm praying the weather cooperates.  It doesn't have to be a pool day but it does have to be nice anyway. 

Because our next big soiree is two weeks later, and we'll have two parties two days in a row.
And if it rains, I'll be really pissed off.

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the beautiful weather we've had all Spring, I mean Winter, I mean Spring.

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