Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bake Sale Ban Overturned -- as it should be!

Okay, I get that obesity is an issue with children and society today.

While I whole heartedly support the removal of tonics, sugary caffeine based drinks and excessively fattening foods from the vending machines in schools - as well as healthier food options at lunch times; I just as whole heartedly oppose the recent ban of bake sales!

Bake sales at school events such as craft fairs, basketball games, art appreciation nights and other sanctioned after hours events - should not be governed for caloric intake or attention defecit contributions.  These are social events, more often than not PTO driven - where parents are attending - and we as parents can make the choices as to what does or doesn't go into our children's mouths at that time.

These sales are fun for the children, many who help in the kitchen making the goodies and they are used to raise funds for many school events.  And truly - who is it hurting?  Do we really need the state to intervene and say that we as parents don't have the right to determine what our children can or can't have at social functions?  What's next?  Banning popcorn at the movies....??

What is the world coming to these days?  Is there nothing that can be kept wholesome and innocent and fun?  Does it all have to be governed and monitored and regulated. 

Dear God people, be quiet and eat a chocolate chip cookie or two - and be happy!

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