Monday, April 05, 2010

Who let the dogs out....who let the dogs out....

So, it was quite the game last night....
Welcome to Boston, New York. Last night is just a little sample of how we roll....
(Though truly, Beckett was off. Really off....)

I've got some fantastic pictures from Easter that I have yet to download but must share. I can't stand how cute the kids were - -and we had a picture perfect day. It was gorgeous outside. We ended up on Saturday going to our favorite ice cream place and having lunch, playing mini golf and being incredibly indulgent in everything we ate.

Speaking of indulgences, yesterday was my last day of doing so. Today, I started my detox and I had my first run since September. Pretty good, 3.25 miles in 36 minutes. I'm not going for time so much as I am endurance, but I felt great -- no breathing issues or side stiches, just some minor tweaking in my knee (the one that didn't have surgery -- not sure what that's all about!) and I was euphoric after, which is sort of the high that you chase when you run. I do need to get myself fitted for good running sneakers - I have yet to do that and I do believe I'm going to do that tomorrow. It's a nice slow week for me at the store this week, so I should be able to catch up on little errands I haven't had the opportunity to do.

It's almost impossible to be in anything but a good mood these next few days. Fantastic weather is on the agenda, baseball is back in season -- and so to wake up and see sunny skies makes everything seem happy and shiny. It even makes my headaches tolerable -- and just a reminder that I need to go back to acupuncture. Yoga is on the agenda this week as well....and maybe, a new lip gloss too.

I've neglected myself quite a bit over these last few months, and I think this week it's time that I show myself a little love.

And that is how this girl is going to roll.

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