Friday, April 09, 2010

Thank God for DVR.....

And, TGIF might I add....

So, I'm catching up on American Idol which I missed this week due to a life of busy-ness (as opposed to business), and while I know the judges used their save (truly, I'm dissapointed because while "Big Mike" is talented, I don't know that I think he'd be worth the save. )I don't think he could win it all, truthfully - but hey, that's just my opinion. I just wish the radio station that gave the info away warned me about the spoiler alert so I could change the channel!)

Tonight is going to be a fantastic dinner now that my detox is over. I have to be honest and say that I didn't omit all protein this week -- I ended up having fish with dinner at night which really dissapoints me so next week I'll do it again, but the right way. I still felt great, but it's just not the same, you know what I mean? So tonight I'm going to indulge just a style ribs, salad with rice & shrimp, grilled asparagus -- and a delicious glass of wine. All while watching Tim Wakefield pitch for the Sox, and snuggled in pajamas. Seriously, call me crazy -- call me old, but that sounds like a perfect Friday night!

This weekend could potentially be pretty day tomorrow if the fields aren't closed due to flooding from todays rain, and a birthday party. Sunday, nothing planned yet though I have to say I have been craving to go to a really good brunch! And there are so few good places to go to, but I heard that there's a hotel near the favorite ice cream farm we attended last weekend has a brunch that is "to die for". I'm working that angle as an option for Sunday, so my fingers are crossed. Besides, I need to have some yummy food to burn off as I run Monday morning and do my detox all over again!

And then we'll start all over again on Monday......

However you're spending your weekend, may it be blessed with laughter and love....happiness and good fortune. Take time to stop and enjoy the flowers that are blossoming everywhere and enjoy the beauty of Spring.

Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

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