Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great things DO come in small packages....!!

So, Target had a sale on IPod Shuffles. Having only the Nano, which is rather old at this point now -- it's been feeling too large and cumbersome to run with at this point -- and I much prefer to use it in the store for ambiance so.....seeing the ad in the Sunday paper, I went there and bought it. Who needs more than 500 songs when running, right? It's not like this girl's doing the Marathon.....yet.

Love it. Love it!
It's tiny!!

I was in no way prepared for how small it was, and the best part is -- not just the voice over option that announces my next song -- but I can control the volume and the fast forward or rewind from the earpiece cord. (ta da!)

I always have to run with my IPod in my hand which can make my shoulders ache a bit from being tensed; this allows me to run hands free.... I am so loving it.

Highly, highly recommend it.

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