Friday, June 02, 2006

Food for thought....a Lunch time rant!

It is so cold in here, that I bought one of those deyhdrated "Suddenly Soups" at our little snack area - and made it for lunch. It's surprisingly palatable, it's a Southwestern Corn Chowder - still though, not something I'd prefer to eat on a regular basis. But given the absolute sub zero temperature my office is holding, I figured a little extra sodium wouldn't kill me. As I was reading the directions, I noticed that the third and final step was to "remove the bowl from the microwave carefully, using two hands - and let sit for 2 minutes". (yes, the word carefully was italicized.) Are you kidding me? You have to tell me to use two hands and be careful!?!?!?

Same thing about Mc Donalds & Dunkin' Donuts having a warning on their coffee cups: "Caution: This beverage is extremely hot". No, you don't say?
You've GOT to be kidding me.

Its because of stupid people and nonsense lawsuits. For an example, the woman who burned herself because she "didn't know" the hot coffee she ordered was actually hot, and promptly placed it in her lap while driving, burning her. Dumbass.

Or like people suing McDonalds and Burker King because they're obese. I'm're obese because you have poor eating habits in general (DISCLAIMER: assuming they're not suffering from a medical condition that causes them to have difficulties with weight. I don't like to discuss weight because so many people struggle with it - this is targeted specifically towards the people who are trying to take advantage of the system.), poor impusle control, and probably no interest in exercising. No one held a gun to your head and told you to order three Big Macs, four fries, an apple pie and a Diet coke at one sitting!

You know what irritates me about the movie "Supersize Me"?
It is so skewed. I was so annoyed watching that movie, I was yelling at the TV - telling the guy he deserved to be as sick as he was. Normal people do not eat McDonalds three times a day - plus snacks - and gorge on it even when they're full. This lunatic forced himself to eat when he wasn't hungry, as well as sustain an unnatural diet of fast food for 30 days. No wonder his weight increased, he felt sick, his cholesterol shot up and his kidneys were shutting down. Who lives that way???

And then he denounces McDonalds as being an unhealthy and life threatening source in America's lifestyle. Give me a break.

Yes, obesity in children is a growing issue - but that's also an issue regarding a lack of parenting and interaction. I think the breakdown in the family structure has more to do with what's wrong with society today including diet - than people are willing to admit. Lets be honest. If you have poor eating habits, you have poor eating habits; if you gorge on organic treats from Whole Foods - are you any healthier??? I think gorging is the issue, not necessarily the food you're gorging on - though that does play into it.

I'm not saying that fast food should be a way of life by any stretch. But I do think that if one goes to a fast food restaurant, there are choices with regards to foods ordered, amounts eaten, and frequency of which dining is done there. And I do think that there are a slew of lazy, ignorant, opportunistic people who are looking to sue anyone and everyone over the stupidest of things.

When you have to be told on the directions of a soup to "be careful, use both hands and remember it's hot"; or you walk into your local Wendys or McDonalds and see a sign that says "warning: you may gain weight if you eat here" - what the heck is the world coming to?


I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

Have you always had two blogs?!


I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

Linking this blog to mine--I've the other on my blogroll forever...


I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

...OR am I _very_ confused?!


martie said...

I totally agree with you on this! Also on the issue of the family structure....come on people, just get with it!!

JAX said...

yep ... people are always searching for loopholes. It's crazy!

Bill said...

You know, if you have to use BOTH doors to get into your favorite fast food place, or if the cashiers have your order rung up by the time you get to the counter... maybe you should re-evaluate your dietary "requirements". Totally agreee with you on that one.

I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I'm crazy! :) Thanks for visiting my blog and clarifying it for me...hehe...

Great post!

What amazes me is that McDonald's had to put "VERY HOT BEVERAGE" on their coffee because of people suing when they were burned pouring it over themselves while driving a car or something! ARGH!


McSwain said...

Wow! Rebecca goes on a rant! And I totally agree with you on every single point. It's frightening that so many people refuse to take responsibility for their own actions, and even scarier that there are those who let these losers get away with blaming others for their own stupidity with lawsuits, etc.

Common sense? Where'd it go?

Dankoozy said...

there's a lot of stuff that you just shouldnt be able to sue over, this whole lawsuit culture really isnt a good thing, and the lawyers are cleaning up with it. it goes on in ireland as well, where you can just sue if you trip over something on someone elses property. all these 'filesharing lawsuits' should also be banned for good.

the only thing is mcdonalds have these 'new healthy' meals that are actually not any better than the crap they have always sold and the last time I checked they dont have any ingredients list on the food either, so people will always beleive the marketing hype that the stuff really is healthy but it's not. there are actually people who eat this stuff every day, and you would be surprised how many people actually dont know that it is unhealty, especially when 'the ads on the telly' claim it is.

safety regulation is also something that has gone over the top here, one that constantly annoys me is the regulation that forces lawnmower manufacturers to put a 'safety bar' on lawnmowers that cuts out the engine as soon as you let go. it is completely stupid to have to start the engine each time you empty the bag. the people who came up with that law are no doubt rich beurocrats who get a few of their microsoft/exxon-sponsored servants to do the lawn for them, and have never pushed a lawnmower in their life. of course the manufacturers walked right into it, they think its great if the engine is destroyed after 2 years because of the constant stopping and starting.

everyone who has been posting on the lauravanryn blog has been taking cover after that blog gained publicity, and filtering comments. you will probably too after you realise that someone (me) has strayed into your blog after seeing the vanryn one on the tv.

Big Ben said...

It seems the farther you go south in from Canada to Texas the fatter people get!

Hale McKay said...

A case of "truth in advertising" going too far?
...That lady who sued McDonalds because she burned herself with the cup between her legs ... don't forget she sped away too fast over a speed bump, which caused the coffee to slosh onto her lap. (Can we assume she didn't have a cup holder?) (Imagine her anger if they'd given her a cold cup of coffee!)
...By the way, there is justice. She rejected the settlement ofered her, fired her lawyer, hired a new one and is trying to sue for more.
...The biggest problem in this scenario to me is not so much the lady, but the low-life lawyers that stoop so low to take on these kinds of cases, and the moronic court system that wastes time and money to hear them.

Mr. Fabulous said...

You yell at the television?

Rebecca said...

Mr. Fabulous - Yes, I've been known to get upset at the television, or rather - the people on the television. :)

Ben - Hmmm. Whew. Thank goodness I'm in the North East!!! ;)

Dankoozy - Hi! Thanks for stopping by! No - I'm not familiar with the blog you're talking about at all. But all are welcome here. I dont' really write about much that people would protest I don't think - so hopefully moderation won't ever be an issue. :)

Hale - Yes, lawyers are part of the problem for sure. It's a vicious circle. Some crazy person cooks up the scheme, and some stupid lawyer validates it for them by supporting them!!!

HH?Milliners - Great! Glad I cleared that up for you. :)

Bill - Thanks for stopping in!

Jax/Martie/Cheryl - Sometimes, I just shake my head and wonder.... You're right. Where did the common sense go?!?!?