Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Everyone was Kung Fu fighting...

Well, not everyone. Just Timmy the Hamster and I this morning.

I feed him every morning before I go to work. He sees me come in the room and he runs towards the door. I usually put his food in his cup, he runs up the door which is open - I pat him - and he turns around and runs to his cup. Well, today started out to be a day like every other, except....

When he ran up the door for me to pat him, he climbed in my hand and turned around - and promptly turned around, and chomped on my finger. HARD.

My response? I yelled "owwwww, you suck!" - and promptly flung him!

I couldn't help it! It was a knee jerk reaction to get the pain off my finger, because he wouldn't let go! Fortunately, I was right in front of the cage, so when I flung him, he did a triple axle and landed on the cage and clung for dear life.

Poor little guy.

I feel badly. I know they can't see very well. I know that his sense of smell drives him - and that he smelled the food on my hand from where I had it, and after all, our fingers do resemble the color of their little pressed pellets.

I'd have given him a hug, but.... just not taking the chance again. One punctured finger is enough for this girl for today.

(This is not Timmy....just a visual represenation of Timmy the Flying Hamster! After all, my Timmy is a Teddy Bear Hamster, and clearly - this guy is not! But if I could've taken a picture of him on the side of the cage, trust me, I would've!!! Please do not call PETA on me.)


joy said...

That is such a cute story, I was scared at what was coming next when you wrote: you flung him.

I'm glad the little guy is o.k.

Hale McKay said...

Hamster assaultress!
...That was no knee jerk reaction. I'd have done the same thing. Hope the finger is okay.

martie said...

Hamsters can be very hostile!! My granddaughters bit me too and it does hurt! (The hamster, named Peanut Butter, died about a week later...honestly, I've had my shots,) I don't know why he died. It wasn't my fault...he bit a lot of other people too!

Nocturnal said...

Two minutes for roughing to your hamster. Yep, he's in the penalty box for that one.


Big Ben said...

If I was a hamster I would bite your ass.

Kristi said...

Okay, this reminds me of a little story about me going to the bathroom and the cats having the urge to be there with me. So the new cat comes in and is meowing and brushing against me, while I'm using the restroom, okay? Then I stop (for obvious reasons) and he bites me in the part of my flesh available on the side (high upper leg). Boy did he catch me off guard!

naive-no-more said...

Don't feel too badly. Most animals have unconditional love for their owners. He probably doesn't even remember it by now.

I thought the caption under the picture was going to read, "no actual hamsters were injured in the process of taking this photo"