Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Breathe...just breathe

I really enjoy David Blaine's street magic performances. He's truly amazing. The sleight of hand that he pulls off is fascinating, and while that's impressive enough - it's the mind tricks that absolutely blow me away. I think that we all know that I have an affinity for believing in the possibilities of psychic ability. While he does his in a performance manner, it certainly leaves it open for skepticism. And I'm not saying I believe he's psychic. Although it is difficult to not find yourself believing just for a second - because you can't imagine how he's pulled off these "tricks". However, he does have an amazing mind. And last night's feat proved that once again.

I had a hard time breathing just watching him sit in that tank - let alone hold his breath for over 6 minutes. That is just amazing. Anything over 3 minutes is a tremendous physical strain, and the fact that he mastered the art of 5 minutes is just amazing. Especially after spending 177 hours submerged in water, which in of itself is exhausting. But to watch him surpass that timeframe, was painful. At least for me. And at the end, when he was losing it and going to start to breathe - it seemed the dive team didn't quite jump in until the instructor said "go" about three times. I was definitely concerned for his safety.

That being said, I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. Despite how crazy his physical "stunts" are - they truly aren't stunts. He's got an amazing will and mind strength to push his limits of physical endurance.

And while I wouldn't do the things he does, I tip my hat to him for having the drive to do it.


naive-no-more said...

I heard on the car radio that he was going to try to hold his breath for nine minutes. I wanted to get a feel for just how long that was and decided to time myself holing my breath. I made a minute and fifteen painful seconds and then saw stars for a few seconds after that.

It would have been awesome to see him actually do it!

Glitter said...

I wish I saw it but I missed it!

joy said...

Hi Rebecca,

I still have my celeb page here it is:


Sorry for the mix up.

McSwain said...

I think he's nuts. But then, that's just me. ;-)

Rebecca said...

Hey Joy -
I wondered what the heck happened to ya!

Cheryl -
I agree. You wouldn't catch me doing what he does. But I guess I admire him for it. ;)

clew said...

Naive held her breath till she almost passed out while DRIVING? WTF!!! ;)

Personally, if I were going to make a spectacle out of myself, I'd make sure I could actually DO what I was trying to do. How lame.

I'm just saying ... ;)