Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lights, Camera....Action!

So, I was browsing those cute BlogThings - and found this one. Hmmm. Maybe I should hook up w. Ben Affleck and Dennis Lehane while they're filming in town? Maybe they need some "on the fly" writing assistance for the script!

You Should Be a Film Writer

You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind. You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.
Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling. And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!


clew said...

I should be a JOKE WRITER? WTF! I can't even remember jokes, let alone write them!

That's crazy talk!

I love these quizzes too. Hadnt seen this one. Thanks for sharing!

gunngirl said...

I got film writer, which is SO not what I write. I write novels, but I'd love them to made into movies like Stephen King. heh

naive-no-more said...

I got film writer too. I wouldn't have guessed that.

JAX said...

I should be a joke writer. If I had the talent to write, that is. I would agree with that.

Laura said...

I got Poet....ha! If you know me any at all you know that's just never ever going to happen.

joy said...

Have a great Memorial Day weekend Rebecca !

Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh no, don't tell me...

Affleck as Patrick Kenzie?


Hale McKay said...

A sit-com script writer? Me? Who'd a thunk it?

Have a nice long Memorial day weekend, Rebecca.

bigwhitehat said...

Me too. I wonder how many of those questions we asnwered alike.

Glitter/Aleka said...

hooking up with Ben Affleck and Dennis Lehane isn't a bad thing!?!?

naive-no-more said...

I stopped by expecting to get the low down on your Memorial Day menu, but nuthin! Are you sick again? :)

Rebecca said...

Hey Naive!
No - I didnt do a Memorial Day cookout - but I did have a big ol' bday bash where I manned the grill. Okay - you ready for this?

5lbs of boneless chicken tenders, marinated in fajita sauce; 5lbs of boneless chicken tenders marinated in italian dressing; 5lbs of boneless chicken tenders in teriyaki sauce

5lbs of boneless pork chunks, marinated in fajita sauce; 5lbs boneless pork chunks, marinated in bbq sauce; 5 lbs of boneless pork chunks marinated in teriyaki sauce

3lbs of skirt steak, fajita marinated

3lbs of skirt steak in teriyaki sauce

3 lbs of linguica (grilled)
10 lbs of sweet and hot italian sausages
5lbs of Pearl Hotdogs
5lbs of Kayem Hotdogs
15lbs of Hamburgers
10 lbs of Turkey Burgers
5lbs Potato Salad
5 lbs of Cole Slaw
5lbs of salad

Cake (who has room?!?!)

Add in about 50 people - and there's a 5 yr olds bday party menu.

This is the first party that I actually had some leftovers....but also the first party that we didn't have alot of family that wasn't able to make it.

Hope you enjoyed! :)