Friday, May 12, 2006

A Mother's Love...

In the five short years that I've been a Mom, I've had a lifetime of memories.

Hearing each of my children cry for the first time at birth....
Holding them for the first time.

I didn't get to see either of my children when they were first was an emergency C section, and so I awoke to a Polaroid on my chest of my son in the nursery. That was still such a magical moment for me. My daughter was a planned C section - but she was premature, and due to complications - my C section became an emergency of sorts. She was sent to the NICU, and I stayed in surgery for 2 more hours. My first glimpse of her in the NICU where I only got to touch her little fingers for a minute were beautiful. I held my son for the first time 5 hours after he was born; my daughter, 12 hours. Those who say you don't bond if you don't hold them immediately after birth clearly has never had a child.

Watching them experience things for the first time in their lives... the simple things like seeing the Christmas Tree lit up; patting a dog; experiencing the snow falling on their face; eating certain foods they'd never had before. So many things that are precious and new in an untouched, unjaded and perfect little life.

Everyone always tells you before you have children, that once you have them - you don't remember what life was like before they were there.
This is so very true.

The fun you had before children is nothing in comparison to the fun you have with your children.
You get to re-experience life through their eyes...and sometimes, through your own. You get a second chance at childhood - enjoying things with your children that maybe you didn't have the opportunity to try as a child yourself.

Time goes by so quickly when you have children...they grow so fast.

I cherish the moments and love my children have given to me....

and look forward to the lifetime of love that I can give to them in return


clew said...

Wonderful post, Rebecca. I'm in a funky mood today - this helped start to bring me out of it.

Happy Mother's Day, my friend!

gunngirl said...

Sniff, I'm crying. I wonder if I'm ever going to have kids. I love kids, I'd like one. Just one to know what it's like to be a mom. There is such a difference between the childless and parents. A world apart.

I like the stuff about them seeing the tree lit and other little things. They just think it's the best thing ever, and you've seen it a million times. That is precious.

Happy Mothers Day!

chesneygirl said...

Lovely, absolutely LOVELY!!!

Like clew, I'm in a really CRAPPY mood today and this helped me too!:)

After 24 hours of labor with my son, I had too had to have an emergency C-Section and due to some minor complications I was not awake for the birth and did not get to hold him until 3 hours after he was born.

There are NO words to describe the love when you become a mother! :)

Happy Mother's Day, girl!!!

Alison Rose said...

True, true words, Rebecca! I had an emergency C-section, too, and though I was groggily awake, couldn't hold my son for a few hours either, so I totally relate.

Lovely post! Happy Mother's Day to you!

ramblin' girl said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Big Ben said...

ahhh, I'm going to try a dog first.

Hale McKay said...

Great post, Rebecca. Happy Mother's Day to you.
...Too many people don't enjoy or appreciate their children when they are young.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Absolutely great post. It didn't make me want to have kids, I can certainly appreciate what you are saying.

I think your kids are very lucky to have you as their mom!

McSwain said...

Wonderful! Have a terrific Mother's Day with your kids!

Bougie Black Boy said...

happy mother's day!

Glitter said...

Happy mothers day Rebecca! Makes me excited to be an auntie - and someday - hopefully a mom. Funny you mention that, someone I know was talking about life without his daughter and how he can't remember what it was like without her.