Saturday, June 10, 2006

....For sentimental reasons.....

I finally found an antique restoration and repair shop nearby. I have had my Grandmother's hope chest for three years now, and hadn't been able to find anyone to restore it for me. It needs to be stripped and refinished - and the legs need repair and possibly even replacement. It's a gorgeous chest, I think it's Mahogany - and I've wanted it ever since I was a little girl. I always said I'd store my photo albums in it and make it a time capsule of sorts. I still plan on doing that.

I also decided that I'm going to place my Grandmother and Grandfather's wedding picture on it, surrounded by antiqued photos of both mine and my sister's weddings, and photos of our children. I think it's rather fitting, since in some ways our whole family was created by the giving of that chest.

Also this past week, I got back all the photos from my son's birthday party. I always order three sets when I order pictures: 1 set for our photo album, 1 for his/her scrapbooks, and 1 for giving to people or putting in frames - or for collecting for a master photo album I'm hoping to put together.
A few years ago, one of my husband's aunts gave us a photo album of my husband's father's side of the family. It starts with the great-great grandparents down to our wedding. It's got a few pictures of each cousin and includes just about everyone on his father's side of the family. Then, I've also got a box of photos that my father-in-law left here of my husband and his sisters from when they were younger. I'd like to get some from his mother - and then some from my parents of our family - and make one master photo album of our families, in chronological order to date. I think it's important to have family photos to reflect on, and especially in todays world where families aren't as close as they use to be - both in geographical location as well as in general - I think it's important for children to have a sense of family. Even if they can't always reach out and touch them.
Who am I kidding - it's important for me too. Maybe even more so....


chesneygirl said...

This is so cool Rebecca!!
I wish I had something like your grandmother's hope chest...what a treasure!!!

My dad's mother kept photo albums up to date, when she died my dad took them over.
However, on my mom's sides nobody has done anything like that. It's sad to me cause I've been much closer to that side of the family. It would be nice to have something to reflect back to especially since a number of family members have been passing in recent years.

I'm trying very hard to do this for my son with pictures of our little family and mine and my husband's immediate family....but it's not always easy. It gets neglected at busy times and then I fally behind.

martie said...

Rebecca, how lucky you are to have that hope chest. I think it all sounds like a wonderful idea; from the refinishing of the chest to the gathering of photos and getting them in an album.

Your children will really appreciate that when they are older and YOU will appreciate it now. Maybe it will help you not feel so isolated from your family! If you still do after all that though, you can come and join our family!

McSwain said...

LOVE the idea for the chest. That will make it even more of a treasure. Some of my favorite times with My Boy are when we sit and look back at pictures. It helps us remember, and connects us to the past.

naive-no-more said...

I have a Secretaries Desk from my Grandma that I had stripped and restained. It's beautiful and holds much sentimental value.

I love the idea you have for the hope chest.