Friday, June 23, 2006

Warning: Girly Crush Post!

So last night I attended a charity fundraiser for Pitching in for Kids - sponsored by my crush: Jason Varitek. (And Tim Wakefield, but he's not a crush!)

I had a great time. We got to interact with them a little bit, which was nice. And we had great seats right by the stage which was good too.
But most importantly, we got to interact with them a little bit.

Mike Timlin (who I also love, not on a crush level - he's just clutch) was there, as well as Doug Mirabelli. Who is surprisingly thinner in person! And, he's quite handsome, which I hadn't expected because he doesn't look nearly as cute in uniform.

There were lots of laughs as it was at the Comedy Connection in Fanueil Hall - and while we didn't get to eat any food because for some reason it was set up outside of the room - we did have enough to drink! And the people that sat at our table were really nice. They weren't stalkerish crazy people (you know how Red Sox fans can get!), and they clearly were pretty well off, because two of them at the table bid on some rather pricey items! One couple bid $6000 for a trip to Italy and won. Another bid $5700 for their two sons to be batboys for the Sox at one game. Clearly - they're a little better off financially than I am!

I don't get out very often without the kids or my husband, and since I have to miss out on Girls Weekend with all my girlfriends at Marshfield due to an endless amount of birthday parties and showers to attend, I really enjoyed this night to just relax, laugh and have a drink with one of my girlfriends.

And of course, gaze a bit at.....sigh......Jason.


Kodijack said...

Hmm, man crushes, Red Sox, drinks with girls....where is the pron Rebecca? I come here for the pron ;)

Rebecca said...

hahhaa, Dale - I'm confused. Might be having a blonde moment...what's pron? ;)

Mr. Fabulous said...

Speaking of clutch...Papi just hit another walk-off! good!

McSwain said...

Wow, he is cute!

Big Ben said...

Patti thinks Varitek is hot too. I don't think he deserves to start in the All-star game.