Monday, June 05, 2006

Bada Bing!

So, I anxiously awaited the season finale of "The Sopranos" last night.
I was very, well....dissapointed.
It was a lukewarm - at best - finale.

While I thought this season was one of my favorites, I was really sort of let down with the lack of a cliffhanger. There are only 8 episodes left to this show - and there are so very many possibilities of what could happen.

We DVR'd the finale of Big Love. The previews looked like it's going to be rather dramatic, so I'm looking forward to watching that at some point this week.

Best of all - next Sunday is the season premiere of "Deadwood" and "Entourage". That's one of the great things about HBO television. You don't get that big let down when a show ends - because another one starts right up. It's year round entertainment!

In honor of the finale - and the long, painful wait for the final season - the following are my favorite "Soprano-isms".

A friend of ours: mob shorthand for introducing one made guy to another made guy.

"A friend of mine" is just another jamook on the street.
Buon' anima: salutation meaning rest his soul.

Che peccato: what a pity, what a shame.
Goomah (sometimes pronounced "goomar"): a Mafia mistress; also comare.
Moe Green Special: Getting killed with a shot in the eye, like the character, Moe Green, in The Godfather. One form of "sending a message."
Oobatz: u'pazzu—crazy
Stugots: from stu cazzo or u' cazzu, the testicles. Tony Soprano's boat is The Stugots.

Tax: to take a percentage of someone's earnings.
Va fa napole: "Go to Naples" (i.e., "Go to hell.").
Wearing it: showing off one's status in the organization by dressing the part. "Wearing it" usually involves an Italian suit, a pinky ring, a hankie in the breast pocket, gold cufflinks, and other ornamentation. Silvio has his own inimitable way of wearing it.
Whack: to murder; also clip, hit, pop, burn, put a contract out.
Wiseguy: a made guy.

Kinda makes you feel like eating a bowl of pasta faglioli, doesn't it?


chesneygirl said...

I don't have I miss out on all these shows :(

Big Ben said...

I'm not going to eat a fagioli, I don't swing that way.

martie said...

I don't have HBO either, but then I prob wouldn't watch it if I did have it. I don't watch TV often....never enough time!!

Bougie Black Boy said...

I need to send you a list of Bougie-isms. :)

Kristi said...

I don't have HBO, but when I had my foot surgery, I requested the first season of both The Sopranos and Entourage. I am currently watching season two of Sopranos and eagerly awaiting the arrival of season two of Entourage at the library. Another one I really like is Six Feet Under. I'm done with the first two seasons of that. Thanks for not giving anything away in this post about the finale!

Hale McKay said...

I have HBO and don't watch either. I don't like mob movies or stories at all never did. To me, The God Father, what little I saw of it, was a lousy movie. Same goes for Good Fellas ... etc.
...Just my personal taste.

gunngirl said...

I tried hard to post this yesterday, but blogger and Safari was giving me a hard time.


First, love your 'isms. Second, I kinda liked the "finale" we do have more episodes so I hope people don't just dismiss this as the end and never return. It's not over people!

Carmella rocked. She knows Aide is dead, she manipulated Tony to get her Spec house. I love Carmella. I'm glad that Tony didn't figure that out. He thought he was doing something slick, but the player played him. *snerk*

Mr. Fabulous said...

I agree about the season finale. Maybe I expected too much...