Friday, December 07, 2012

My latest Housewife BFF...

We all know that I love Mrs. Heather Dubrow of the OC. 
As well as Heather Thomson of NYC.
I've also been a fan of Kyle Richards of Beverly Hills.
The connection between the 3 - they're pretty darn real.  True to themselves, down to Earth and someone I could find myself being friends with.  A little money doesn't hurt anyone and clearly they haven't seemed to lost too much of themselves with it all.

But my newest "BFF" is Yolanda Frost of the latest season of RHOBH.
Aside from the fact that I adore her husband and had the pleasure of sharing a flight to NYC seated next to him - and we discussed no music, just wine and wine country. (Truth be told, I didn't tell him that I knew who he was, I thought it best to just let that be...)

She is appearing to be one classy woman.
From the way she lovingly but professionally treats her staff (what girl wouldn't love a house full of staff?!? Though truthfully, I'm so used to doing things myself I wouldn't know how to let people do it all for me, but I might figure out a way to get used to it...), to the gorgeous way she has her table decorated and details for entertaining -- to the OCD way she has her refrigerator.  My God, if I was capable of having my home that way - you can bet your money that is how I would have it.

Those are the superficial things, I know - but she certainly just comes across as being very respectful and warm, loving and genuine.  I hope that future episodes show that my thoughts about her are correct.

(By the way, I love love love that their dining room table is wide enough for two head chairs so that she and her husband can sit next to each other at dinner.  Love it!)

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