Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All is calm....all is bright

It's quiet in the house tonight.

That's because last night was a late one, with the Patriots game and all.  Somehow, it went from my kids going to bed early to get a good night's sleep and my son only being allowed to watch the first quarter - to him staying up 'til halftime; me saying "time for bed" and G saying "you can watch it in your room...". 

Game ends at what, 11: 40?  At 11:25 I go in his room expecting to find a sleeping boy and appalled that he's awake and command the tv be turned off. (Did I mention he has to get up at 6:30?  Really, what was G thinking?!?)  But then....

Princess Petunia is suffering from growing pains in her legs.  And she's whining...not crying but cranky and whining.  Which makes a very tired mom, very cranky herself..... but down the stairs I go, to get an ice pack and a towel to put on her legs.

And then finally after a little bit of yelling and grumpiness.... the house fell quiet and everyone slept.

Tonight is the polar opposite...kids are up in their rooms early, in bed watching tv before "lights out".  G is downstairs in the ManCave watching tv and I'm here in the den with a glass of wine, online shopping and well, blogging.

I like these quiet nights...they don't happen very often.

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Suldog said...

Pats game kept me from a full night of sleep, too. I was just SO enjoying it, though. Such a complete destruction of the other team.