Sunday, December 09, 2012

For the love of our animals....

It's been quite the week in the "I'm just a girl" household with regards to pets.

We have two domestic rats who are just adorable.  I love, love, love them.  They're clean, and super friendly and crazy affectionate.  They just want their food - and their hugs.  When you hold them, they snuggle up and sort of purr (called buxing or bruxing) like a cat.  One of my rats, likes to just fall asleep when I hold him.  Cute right? 

Well, Princess Petunia and I were at PETCO purchasing some supplies when as we were checking out there was a tank that had a sign next to it that said "Think adoption first.  Free to a good home".  Inside was a huge rat...and one that looks exactly like our adorable Pop Tart - sort of like a cow, white with brown spots.  So I asked what his story was, why he was up for adoption - and held him.  You could tell he was well loved at one point - because while he didn't know us, he was shy but not squirmy or aggressive.  And the poor thing was at the store for 3 weeks already! So I looked at my daughter and said "well, we're a good home..!"  and so I told the clerk we'd take him.  My daughter named him Albert, to which I added "Fat Albert" (a little homage to Bill Cosby and my younger days...) and off we went.  Such a good choice - he's absolutely sweet.  Even sweeter than my other two, he just loves to be cuddled.  He clearly was an only rat as he's just now starting to learn social cues and is good sharing the cage with one - but when we put the three together with food, he's not sure why they're so into taking his food away, the hoarders that they can be.   So now we have three, and I just love my little boys...they're like sunshine on a rainy day.

The next day, the kids had a half day and so I took them for lunch and to the shelter.  (We always visit the shelter and as you may remember we just lost our little Twinkle two weeks ago or so.  As much as she was standoffish, she still was one of my furkids and I miss her.  As does the kids -and possibly even more so, our other cat Spike.  He was crying for her every morning, and was so sad...he just moped, and barely ate.  Heartbreaking...)  Well, we looked at all the animals and kittens and cats - and I was adamant that we "werent' getting one today".  G and I had talked about surprising them on Christmas morning, though we hadn't really worked out all the details just yet.  But he happened to call me as we were looking at a litter of babies that were just released for adoption and gave the ok for the kids to pick out a kitten if there was one that would fit our family.  (Code for the opposite of Twinkle:  affectionate, loving and not skittish.)

....And we did just that.  While the kids both fell in love with the brown tiger striped runt of the litter -after playing with her, they realized that it was her bigger sister that was really the perfect fit.  All black, with big yellow eyes and a pretty little face - Jingle Bell Rock (as Princess Petunia named her) was adopted and brought home with us.

She loves the kids...loves her new big brother Spike (he's a big ol' Maine Coon) and likes but is not completely sure about Auntie Brandy (16 yr old Jack Russell) only because Auntie can be cranky at times - but she's a complete snuggle bunny.  Sleeps with Princess Petunia on her pillow, and will sit with anyone who wants to hold her.

It's fun having a baby in the house again.....


Suldog said...

I love black cats. My Grandma always had one from the time I was a little kid until her passing at age 105. Despite the superstition here, some places in Europe they are considered good luck (and, since My Grandma lived to be 105, I've always bought into that a bit myself!)

Chatelaine said...

Oh my goodness, you could open your own zoo. Good thing you have a big house!

Your little kitty is adorable. How nice of you to give it a home.

What a great gift for the kids and the kitty.