Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's the little things in life...

Friday night, we renewed our membership to BJs and went shopping.
I forgot how much I love it there.  And how easy it is to drop serious cash there....
But it was so worth it.

It's funny how for me, happiness has always been a house full of food; I feel the glow of accomplishment after going food shopping and opening the cabinets and freezer to see stocks of food.  I'm not really sure where that comes from, considering my house growing up always had food; but yet from the time I moved out at 18, it always triggered that happy feeling.  (I've blogged about it previously, back in the "old days" -but can't for the life of me find it so I can't back link.  Sorry....)

Since moving to our new house -we haven't really had it "stocked up" so much.  I mean, we always have things but it's never been full.  G tends to like to shop day to day, where as I like to shop for weeks at a time, always buying things for "back stock" so to speak.  He finally started to subscribe to my point of view about 2 weeks ago, and so when we went to BJ's - wow, did we stock up.  I've even got things in our refrigerator and freezer downstairs, which I've been jonesing to do - and yet, hadn't really done.

Funny thing is, after I was done unpacking and stocking and breaking the boxes up - Princess Petunia walks in and opens the refrigerator, and declares "you know, I know this probably sounds silly - but I just feel happy when the refrigerator is full".

And I know exactly what she means.

I'm not really sure why I waited so long to go.  With all the entertaining we do weekly, we were crazy not to have done this sooner.

Suffice to say that I think this girl is going to be making many trips back in the future. 

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Suldog said...

I'm kind of like that, too. Food, in my family, at least from My Dad's side, has always equaled well-being.