Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear Facebook:


So I get that you want to rule the world.
But - I don't want to be friends with all the thousands of people you suggest because we may have a mutual friend.  Do I have to know every single person within 6 degrees of seperation?  Not really....

I don't want to log into you when I want to post a comment on the Boston Globe.  Sometimes I want to be anonymous when I make a comment, most especially since I'm a business owner and don't always want my thoughts and views made public, from me - per se.

I don't want you to be my designated home page.

I don't want you to "think" for me and determine who's updates I see, when and why I see them.  I want to see my "friends" and their statuses, in chronological order - and all of them.  Not just the "top 10" peeps that YOU think are important to me.

I don't want you to let me know the stupid little games that people play.  Nor, do I want to be invited to play any of them.

And if you force me to take over that absolutely hideous timeline  - all bets are off, and I quit.

Jeesh -- you're a pushy little website, aren't you.


Chatelaine said...


~**Dawn**~ said...

Hmmm... Facebook never asks me to make it my homepage and I do see all the updates *I* want to in chronological order--I have my settings set that way. I do think I may be the only one who actually likes the timeline version though. I think it is far more aesthetically pleasing. I especially love the banner photos at the top.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh & if you block the games or apps you aren't interested in any time someone sends you an invitation, that game/app will never "see" you again for anyone else to send one. And you can hide any that show in your feed. I do play a game, but I took the time to make my settings so that my game posts are only visible to my friends who also play. I think most people just never took the time to learn how to do this. It took me about 3 minutes. =)