Monday, August 06, 2012

Monday Mashup....

Much ado about nothing.  Or rather, I ain't got much going on.
(Now that's not actually true.)
I do have an appointment with a medium on Thursday; she's someone I went to see about 10 years ago and she was quite good.  To prove that she was good, since I'm ever the optomistic skeptic - none of the messages I received were for me.  They were all for people around me, so others were able to validate the information - and that was pretty darn impressive.  We'll see how it goes this week, I'll keep you posted....

My father was down (or up, to be accurate...) for a couple of weeks and while he was here, we did a few things around the house together - like putting up a canopy tent on one of my decks, and moving my birdfeeder to the railing of the deck so while I'm out here relaxing (like I am at the moment) I can see the birds eat.  Bright yellow finches, Cardinals, and other birds that I don't know what they are but they are really pretty - come darting out, playing in the air and feeding on the seeds.  It's one of my favorite places in my house to be.

Speaking of birds, I just discovered we have a male & female hummingbird in the trees in the front of my house!  Bright green - they seem to love my equally bright pink impatiens that are hanging on the farmers porch over the deck in my backyard.  I've never seen hummingbirds before, and they're so dainty and delicate - you almost can't resist the urge to try to catch one.

When we were in NYC, the cab was only able to take us to the street that the theatre was on, but not the correct cross street; so we briskly walked three blocks to get there - no biggie.  But then, our dinner reservations were about 7 blocks away, not a huge walk truly, but in 4 inch heels that weren't meant to be walked so briskly in -- my poor little toesies are killing me today.  They blistered I guess, and though I injured them Saturday night, for some reason they aren't hurting me until now.  Yikes!

I took the kiddies Raspberry and Blueberry picking today after work.  It was a nice way to end the day, especially since I made breakfast for dinner with fresh blueberry pancakes.  If only the bacon wasn't so greasy....but hey, it wouldn't be good if it wasn't, right?

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