Sunday, August 05, 2012

Manhattan - my home away from home....

Yes, if you were to ask me where I would live aside from Boston - I'd say Manhattan. 
It may tie with LA, truth be told - but it's a heck of a lot closer.

We went there last night to see the Mike Tyson show "Undisputed Truth".  Being that G is a boxer, to say that we're already up on his life is probably a semblence of understatement; but it was a great show, we had 2d row seats and VIP passes for a "meet and greet" which was not quite the meet and greet that G would've liked (translated into a heart to heart conversation about boxing in general, not just his career) but it was a good take and a great show.  It's always endearing and good to see a person tell their story in the first person and not twisted by the media.

Here are a few shots of the night - with pics of and us and the champ to come shortly - as soon as they email them to us!

(Yes, we were absolutely melting in the 98 degree humidity waiting to get in....esp. after walking two blocks to get there.  Not that two blocks is long, but in 4 inch heels and 98 degree humidity, you can work up a little sweat!)

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