Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Who let the dogs out.....??

I just don't get it.

Everywhere we've lived, we've always had a neighbor who just refuses to bring their dogs in.  And I wouldn't mind, but the dogs bark...and bark...and bark....and bark.

And it's night time.

Sometimes, upwards of midnight this happens.  In our old neighborhood, it was our neighbor across the street -- we also had a neighbor behind us that would do it occasionally as well.  Once we actually had to call the police because it was 2am and the poor dog was crying so loudly and woefully - and we had fisher cat in the area so we were also genuinely concerned for it's safety.  Of course, getting a good night sleep was truly the catalyst of the call.

Now in this neighborhood, it's our neighbor two houses down.  I wouldn't mind - but they have two large dogs, with large barks.  And they bark incessantly...... why don't they just bring them in?

Might I add, that we live with the town forest behind us, which means we have predators in our backyard.  Hello, don't they care that coyote might prey upon their pups??

It's only 8:10 but it's been going on for an hour now, dear God - bring the dogs in!!

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