Monday, April 09, 2012

Rock, paper, scissors - shoot!

I haven't had a set of good steak knives in years.
Literally, probably 10 years.

When we moved, my MIL gave us dishes that unfortunately - weren't complete sets when she bought them, unbeknownst to her; so we returned them, and instead bought really good cutlery knives.

What was I thinking all these years???
They're amazing!

And, I even have an electric carving knife, which truly makes life so much easier.  I used to manually carve my turkeys with my horribly bad dull knife that probably was a bread knife.  I mean it tasted good but ugh, what a mess.

I feel like a flipping rock star when I carve my meats and turkey now.

It's funny how the little things can sometimes make the most difference!


Suldog said...

True. A great steak knife improves a good steak into a great one (if that makes sense.)

By the way, very nice to hear "Amazing Grace" when I arrived here. It figured prominently into my cousin's funeral yesterday.

~**Dawn**~ said...

We need good knives too--we have 3 that are really great (and flipping investment, holy crap!)--but the rest leave us wanting. And I've always heard you don't register for knives when you get married. I wonder if that applies to using money you receive as wedding gifts to purchase them. ;-)

Rebecca said...

Suldog - so very sorry for your loss... :( I'm glad it was "Amazing Grace" that welcomed you here. One of my all time favorites, any time of day....

Dawn - we totally registered for steak knives when we got married! My fault for registering for not great knives - they ruined in the first year!! ;) Go for it, register for all that you want and desire. It's worth it, trust me!

Susan said...

Never underestimate a good German made Wusthof knife! That's what I have at home (and yes, they are on my wedding registry). They are so worth every penny!