Friday, April 13, 2012

I feel pretty, oh so pretty...oh so pretty and witty and wise....

Or, not so much.
Lately I feel like I'm very....blah. 

Since cutting my hair, it's so inbetween - I don't feel like I look like me.

I have been watching the "Housewives" and I see how they're always so dolled up to the nines - always.  Sometimes I wish I was that "pretty girl".  I mean, I'm all about the "fou fou" and pretty things, but when it comes to my appearance, I've always been more of a minimalist.

I prefer less makeup, and maintenance free hair.  While it sometimes would look like I spent time on it, truly my hair has always been a style that takes minutes.  And as far as cosmetics, as much as I love going into Sephora, I'm truly all about lip gloss, mascara and a good blush.  That's it.

Style?  My style is workout gear.  And when I'm not working, it's simple and classic.  I like timeless and clean lines though sometimes I wish I could shake it up a bit.   Good pants or jeans, a simple shirt and a fun scarf -- that's my style. 

I see these girls who clearly spend lots of time applying make up, doing their hair, dressed to the nines and I sometimes feel as if I just fall short.

I wish that I was the the girl who was dolled up all the time....but it just wouldn't feel right.
But lately, I don't feel right being me either.

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Chatelaine said...

Nothing wrong with classic style. I really hate those overdone women.
Less is more.

The trick is to be stylish without looking like you tried too hard!