Monday, April 23, 2012

School's out for summer... (almost)

It's funny; when I was little, summer vacation was just that.  Summer.  And vacation from school.
There was no summer camp, family trips, or anything unusual.
It meant all day long bike riding. playing with my friends and if it was really warm - trips to the MDC pool.

My kids have no idea how fortunate they are.
Baseball camps, theatre camp, and cheerleading are on the agenda along with endless swimming in the pool (which is going to be open in just one week, might I add!).  I'd have killed to have had a sleepover at a friend's house, let alone spending the day someplace learning something fun, or practicing something exciting.

It's amazing how much we try to give to our kids, based upon what we didn't get to do.
It makes me wonder what they'll be wanting to do for their own kids someday.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I actually loved that I didn't have a bunch of plans all summer. I was busy during the whole school year, participating in orchestra, marching band, choir, bell choir, drama...and on and on. Summer was when I got to lay under a tree and read. Ride my bike. Help my Gramp in the gardens. Cook with my Gram. Just "be" without always having to "be somewhere." Funny how we all have a different perspective! =)

Suldog said...

It's funny, but I'm with Dawn. I loved just being able to be lazy all summer if I wanted, and play baseball all day when we felt like it. My parents once asked me if I wanted to go to camp. I gave them a resounding "No!", and I'm still glad I didn't have to go.