Sunday, January 01, 2012

Winning isn't everything....but wanting to win is.

So it's time to think of the New Year's Resolutions.  I don't have too many, but I am hoping to stick to them.

I always set attainable goals - and truly, they're actually things that I typically do anyway, but often lose sight of throughout the year.  So it's a good time to regroup and try to stay on track with them.  And then I always throw in something new.  It's good to shake it up - and it's always good to have something new to strive for.   It's all about personal growth -- these resolutions aren't just promises we make to ourselves for the sake of doing it; they're truly little self motivation goals to get us to feel better about ourselves.  We want to be better organized so we feel better after a long day at work....we want to lose weight so that we feel better when we see our reflections in the mirror.  We want to be comfortable in our skin, and there is always something that we can work on to improve ourselves and make that happen.

So without further adieu, here are my goals for the upcoming year.  Some will be followed, some unfortunately may not due to a lack of time.  But they are on my radar and I hope to accomplish them at least some of the time....

1.  Back to my yoga mat.  Twice to three times a week - no excuses without injury.
2.  Back to running in the spring - but until then, the elliptical, three times a week.
3.  Complete the Spartan Race in August.
4.  Start a small book club to meet at my house monthly. I need to read more, and I'm completely overwhelmed on what to pick when I go to Barnes and Noble. ( My house because a.) it takes the pressure off everyone else, and b.) I don't always have time to go to other people's houses, but I always have time to have people here! )
5.  Practice more patience

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