Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free your mind...and the rest will follow.

I'm really disenchanted with the Republican party these days.

It's not that I dislike our current President, because I don't; he's a very eloquent speaker, seemingly a kind and nice person - I just find him to be less than effective and not necessarily on the same page as I am on certain topics that are important to me at the moment.

Basically, my vote is up for grabs.  And there is no one that the Republican party has suggested that can really get me to say "okay, I'll go with you...".  

I don't trust Mitt Romney.  He's a flim flam, flip flop man.  Poll watcher, talking puppet, "let me tell them what they want to hear" kind of guy.  It's unfortunate too, because I liked when he was Governor of Massachusetts.  I believed in what he did, and I like that he's a conservative business guy financially because that's the type of person you need in a time of financial disarray.  However, he has completely changed his views on many social issues in order to get the nomination and that I have a very difficult time with.  Listen, I don't have to agree with everyone - but I can respect you if I believe that you believe in what you say.  I don't have respect for him because he wavers depending on who he's talking to. 

Newt Gingrich, I just don't respect.  'Nuff said.

Ron Paul.  Here, I struggle a bit.  If he wasn't so extremist he'd stand a shot because he's fiscally conservative and socially liberal,  (Hello Libertarian, totally my kind of concept!)  But unfortunately, he's so radical on many of his views that no one with any real brains can vote for him with the thought that he'll actually be President. 

Who is the other guy again?

Speaking of our President -- I completely and whole heartedly disagree with Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas on refusing to meet with the President yesterday.  First of all, that speech I assure you was not written by him; I doubt he would be able to put together political thoughts of such depth and clarity - and communicate them as such.  Secondly, this was not a political roundtable -- not the time nor the place to make a protest or stand.  It was a friendly, non-political gesture by the President to publicly acknowledge the team for winning the Cup.  Regardless of partisan lines, how do you not agree to disagree and accept the honor of being in the presence of a world leader?  We're not talking about Ahmadinejad here. 

Here's a concept:  maybe afford the opportunity at that time to voice your opinion, should the moment arise?  But to avoid the trip, release a corny and overblown press statement - well it just screams "overdramatic" to this girl.  But hey, you're the one that lost out....


~**Dawn**~ said...

Here's the closest I will get to discussing politics online: That whole bit about Mitt Romney being a flip-flopper? His campaign is being run by the same team as my former Governor's, Charlie Crist. (Who, by the way, got his butt kicked by a young upstart named Marco Rubio in last year's Senate race.) In my home, we refer to him as Charlie Waffles. The man NEVER MADE A DAMN DECISION. You didn't even know if you agreed with his policies because one minute he said A, next minute he said B, and then he was asking you what YOU thought he should do. Even now, he is associated with a local law firm. They do tv ads. All tv lawyer ads are pretty much the same: call us because we can help. Charlie Waffles gets on the screen & says "If you think I can help you, please call. Or just drop me an email to say hi." WHAT?? Point of the story: it does not surprise me that Charlie Waffles & the Rombot have the same advisers & campaign people, not one bit.

Suldog said...

Ron Paul is who I'm backing, although being realistic I tend to agree with you concerning his actual chances. Very important that the ideas he stresses get included in the conversation, though.