Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Um yeah, you can keep those....

So tomorrow is our office holiday party, and it's held at lunch time here on base.
As a contractor, I'm only allowed to be paid for the time that is "lunch". Everything else must be vacation, leave or unpaid.

Isn't that just a Ho. Ho. Ho.

Which leads to me thinking or rather, noticing that this year is different in the respect that people just don't seem to be in the holiday spirit. Normally, I notice that everyone is in a good mood and festive -- things just seem merry and bright. Not quite so this year. And I’m not exactly sure why. I mean, it's not a deflection of any kind because I’m in good spirits overall -- I'm not projecting my own mood as everyone else's. It just seems a little "ho hum" this year as opposed to "Ho Ho!"

Speaking of "ho-ho", how about all those pairs underwear from the Red Sox players that seem to be the topic of conversation all over the newspapers and NESN. I'm sorry, but as much as I love love love Jason -- I do not want to find a pair of his used underwear under my tree!!! STOP! That has got to be one of the grossest things I'd heard of. Listen, I'm all for him in his underwear under my tree (sorry, I couldn't resist!) but game used laundry? Um, yeah. How about no? I'm thinking 1.) clearly there's a sick person working the locker room collecting all of these well worn garments, and 2.) how horrified must these guys be to know that their skivvys are sitting in someone's closet -- and that someone's actually BUYING them?!?!

So if for some reason, Jason Varitek is a fan of my blog (doubt it but a girl can dream)…here's a gift giving guide for this girl: You under my tree with a red bow, great. Your game worn underwear wrapped with a red bow? Um, thanks anyway. As enticing as that might sound…I'm going to have to take a pass.


Suldog said...

I think (and this is probably prejudiced by my own pet peeve) that the reason there is less holiday cheer in the air is because so many of us get hit with the commercial aspects of the season so far in advance. When you start hearing Christmas music and advertisements and whatnot in early November, it tends to diffuse the normal joy. That's why I'm so adamant about Thanksgiving coming first.

martie said...

And to enforce what 'suldog' said.......they had Christmas items for sale on the shelf below Halloween items here in Michigan! What the hell is the deal with that?