Monday, December 17, 2007

Suddenly the sense of urgency...

It just hit me this morning that Christmas Eve is a week from today.  I mean, I KNEW this -- but yet it suddenly feels as if I’m entirely unprepared.   Especially with the news that we may have yet another snow storm this Friday.  Did I not predict a white Christmas?

Anyway, it's time for me to start putting serious thought into my holiday menu; I had planned on making something rather unique this year, and based upon the not so great feedback I've received -- I've opted to change it.   No trying a Turducken this year…sigh.   I'm a little sad, but that's okay -- I'll try it some other time.   I'm also changing the menu a bit from what I usually do because my daughter is allergic to dairy products; and while she's always tolerated them she's right now at a point where she can not tolerate it at all, so to have a pasta such as lasagna or ravioli or even baked ziti which she couldn't eat -- would be unfair.  So "ixnay on the astapay" this year.

So now that the menu is ironed out, I'm going to be food shopping on Friday -- and prepping on Sunday and Christmas Eve.  And the menu for that day is as follows:

Shrimp Cocktail & Stuffed Scallops
Creamy Artichoke Soup & Antipasto
Prime Rib & Roasted Goose
Sausage Stuffed Italian Peppers
Roasted Potatoes
Fresh Greenbeans w. Portabella Mushrooms
Squash & Candied Sweet Potatoes

And I think that might be it for dinner.  Dessert, I normally just ask people to bring things.  I'm not the best pastry chef as I've attested to many a posts on here.  I do however, make a yummy chocolate hot cake in a crockpot - aptly named chocolate mess.  It's cake, and pudding, and sour cream and chocolate chips all melted together.  So that's my dessert contribution. 

Everyone else can do the baking - I'm all about the food. 


Glitter said...

Can I come to your house to eat? Ha, Ha.

ramblin' girl said...

Sounds delicious! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!