Thursday, June 13, 2013

Time keeps on ticking....and how quickly it flies.

It's almost the end of the school year for the kiddies.

Yesterday, Princess Petunia had a function in school where we were invited to see their "Wax Museum".  All the 3rd graders were assigned a historical character and they've worked on speeches, presentation boards and costumes leading up to yesterday.  They were all in costume and as we approached them, they came to life as if they were figures in a wax museum - and gave us informative speeches about who "they are".  Everyone from Tituba to John Hancock, to Myles Standish - which is the person Princess Petunia was assigned to be.  It was really fun - and a great format to teach the kids history in a way they'll never forget.  We certainly didn't have that kind of thing when I was a kid...!  (Of course, if you ask my kids that was back in the "olden days"....)

Today was a function at my son's school - a Celebration of Learning.  We got to see all of the different projects they've worked on all year in each subject and they had fun little activities for us to do with them while we were there, like origami and art.  The best part of it for me, outside of just being there - was the fact that my son was still okay with being affectionate with me in front of his friends.  Actually - most of the boys were, now that I think of it!  He still was grabbing my hand to walk me to each class room and didn't hesitate to give me a big hug and a kiss and tell me he loved me as I was leaving.

It's hard to imagine that this fall I'll have a 7th grader and a 4th grader.
It seems like just yesterday I had two little kids, giggling and laughing...
I just want to keep their little hearts with me always......

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Suldog said...

Good stuff, isn't it? My niece had a similar assignment this past week. She was Cleopatra!