Friday, June 07, 2013

Finally, fortunately, fabulously Friday....

Okay, so today it's 55 degrees and monsooning out.
Rewind to a week ago today and it was 99 and tropical.
What's the weather in New England?  Um, wait a's bound to change!

So, I poured myself a nice big glass of Pinot Noir and made a chili for dinner.  It's the perfect meal for a raw day like today.  Even though a "summer" 55 is still warmer than a winter one.  It's amazing how relativity works....

It's a pretty laid back weekend on tap.  Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a lazy day around the house, catching up on things - like polishing my hardwood floors.  I love, love, love to do that.   Then, my Son has a Red Sox game so we'll drop him off at school to meet the bus and then take the Princess Petunia out for a bit.

Sunday is supposed to be gorgeous once again....and I'm thinking poolside.  A little bbq...a little splashing...a little sun.

However you spend your weekend - I hope it's filled with laughter and love. 
Maybe even a little more sunshine than what we have here at the moment...

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